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No Boxer Boxer
- Final Sale

why we made this

From your morning commute to the boardroom and beyond, we made these boxers with sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric to keep your mind on the money, or the traffic, or the next meeting - basically anything but the cojones.

fabric + features

  • soft, lightweight fabric is four-way stretch and engineered not to shrink
  • added LYCRA® fibres mean these boxers won't bag out
  • a shaped pouch helps support the family jewels
  • engineered with chafe-resistant flat seams
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: to-and-from, everyday
  • fit: athletic
  • length: 53/4” (15cm) – designed to sit high on the thigh
  • inseam: 53/4” (15cm) – designed to sit high on the thigh
$24.00 USD
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No Boxer Boxer 1.7 5 34 34
Big disappointment. What happened to the Game On? I was a big fan of the Game On boxers (100% of my boxers were Game On until I bought a pair of these), recommending them to all my friends and trying to convince them that they were completely worth the price. When I was told that they were discontinuing the Game On boxers I was deeply disappointed but decided to give the No Boxer Boxers a try. Big mistake, and unfortunately a final sale made these a complete waste of money. After a day of wearing them I found that I was constantly having to pull them down as they were riding up often and they were completely uncomfortable. Lululemon went from making my favourite boxers ever to the worst ones I have ever worn. Why would Lululemon discontinue boxers that almost every guy loves in favour of boxers that create such great discomfort? August 17, 2014
"Game" Over Don't expect these to fit/feel like the 'Game On' boxers they supposedly replaced. The fabric is the same, but the length is shorter and the leg circumference is noticeably smaller. If you have "sprinter's legs," these will be tight on your thighs. It's possible that going up a size might alleviate most of the problem, but I'm not going to spend another $24 to find out. I'm really glad I only bought one pair of these. Lesson learned. I understand the reasoning behind Lulu's no-return policy for underwear; you can't re-sell used underwear. But given the cost of their underwear (and the apparent profit margin) I would think they could allow people a store credit equal to the purchase price of one pair. August 15, 2014
I miss the game on boxer brief Can someone explain to me why you discontinued the boxers everyone loved and replaced them with boxers that are either too long or too short for daily wear? These ride up something fierce. Such a disappointment. FYI, guys like boxers with 7.5" inseams. It really is the right length for boxers. Please rethink this. August 12, 2014
I Like Them When I found the Game On Boxer, I pretty much restocked my entire underwear drawer. Then the No Boxer came out and I like them even more. Here's why: - I prefer the shorter inseam. I wear 7" Surge Shorts during my runs and I prefer my underwear to have a shorter inseam than my running shorts. - They have a pouch, something sorely missing in the Game on Boxer. - I find the design comfortable in the gym, office, around the house, and out on the town. August 7, 2014
BRING BACK THE GAME ON! If you are looking for something to supplement your game on boxer brief arsenal do NOT buy these as you will be hugely disappointed. I have a stack of game on and was looking to add to the stack only to find out I cant get them anymore. I purchased these as they seemed to be the closest to the game on style and make but after wearing them they are just apples and oranges. I crossfit and love to wear the game on boxer but when it comes to the No Boxer Boxer I just need to echo all the other negative reviews for all the same reasons. Disaster! Other items that Lululemon has discontinued (or changed for the worse) I have typically been able to find a sufficient substitute but there is no substitute for the game on! Hey Lululemon bring back the game on boxer brief! August 6, 2014
No Boxer indeed I like the Game On boxers. Wore these No Boxer Boxers golfing and it was terrible. They ride up Badly causing you to have to get up in there and pull them down. Very awkward when playing a round of golf with 3 guys you don't know. This monstrosities collect moisture, giving you swamp a** and causing chafing. I golf regularly, in much hotter temperatures and never get this rash. These sweat diapers made it hard for me to walk around my house the night after 18 holes. They are comfortable at first, very soft and light. These feelings are quickly outweighed by some serious production mistakes. I'm raiding my local lululemon for all the game on boxer's they have left. August 4, 2014
These are horrible. Bring back Game On boxers. I have a dozen pairs of Game On boxers. These do not even come close to comparing. The Game On boxers were revolutionary and game changing. Simply the best. These will have me running back to Under Armour. August 3, 2014
What a terrible mistake These boxer briefs are awful. They ride up worse than nearly any I've ever worn. The Game On boxer was the best I've ever owned; bring them back. August 3, 2014
I loved the old Game On Boxers The new ones are terrible. August 1, 2014
what were they thinking so every male loves the game on boxers so lets get rid of them COMPLETELY and make then thicker and shorter?? the no boxer boxer ride you like no other and will make you hurt in places that no females wants to hear about. these boxers suck. bring the game on boxers back PLEASE!! July 28, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : OMS-PH1B.20140724.09:37 AM