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Forme Jacket

Zip it. Zip it real good.

why we made this

When we're heading to class, we want a cozy mid-layer that can stand on its own. We designed this stretchy luon fabric jacket with zipper pockets to hold our gear for us while we grab a tea with friends before we head in to the studio.

key features

  • secure zipper pockets for your phone, keys and cash
  • thumbholes keep your sleeves in place and make layering easy
  • moisture-wicking fabric helps pull sweat away from post-practice skin
  • park that zip in the zipper garage before it scratches your chin
  • mesh venting in the armpits helps you let off steam
  • dropped hem for more coverage in the rear

tech specs

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): luon®
  • properties: four-way stretch, moisture wicking, preshrunk, chafe resistant, breathable
  • fit: body-skimming
  • length: mid-hip
$108.00 USD
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Forme Jacket 3.3 5 272 273
love this jacket Please bring back more colours: purple, pinks, blues..... please, please! Love the fit of this jacket, very figure flattering, washes very well (I hang mine to dry) April 17, 2014
Fade after wash I love the way this Forme Jacket fits on my body but it fades after a few washes and looks old. This doesn't happen with other lulu garments. I followed the instructions and washed it the same way as other lulu garments. Doesn't worth the money. April 12, 2014
Forme Jacket Quality not there Hey Lulu, I'll start by saying "I LOVE Lulu!". My husband calls Lulu "my official uniform" because I wear it every day. A few of the more recent items I've purchased I've been a little disappointed in the quality. Most recently I bought a Forme Jacket (no cuffins). I had my eye on the Define Jacket and waited too long, then it was gone, so got the Forme and the quality of the material seems ok but thin, but the zippers feel very cheap. And I was disappointed to see that the zipper-pull is not the typical Lulu quality where it is shaped like the omega symbol and looks really flash. This zipper-pull is a run of the mill zipper-pull with a tiny omega symbol printed on it that you can hardly see. I've recently ordered a few running pull-overs in bright colors and colors bleed, the material pills within two times of wearing it. Also on the pants, you used to have little metal things on the ends of the drawstrings that were stamped with "lulu lemon" and "athletica" which were so classy and high quality, now it's just plastic and plain and boring and not classy or high quality. Companies often start off doing something really well. They succeed and then hire more accountants and financially-minded people to "take the company to the next level". In this process it is easy to lose sight of the company's original vision. I don't know the Lulu mission statement, but I would guess it goes something like "our mission it to create the highest quality, most comfortable, versatile, flattering clothing on the planet for active men and women". something along those lines. Now the bean counters seem to be in control of Lulu because quality of your products is starting to lack in some extremely obvious ways. I think I speak for most Lulu customers in saying "we are happy to pay a premium for a premium product, but we are not happy to pay a premium for a low quality product that looks or feels cheap". I don't want Lulu to be a fad and to fade away because quality went in the tank and customers started buying their active wear elsewhere? but I DO want Lulu to get back to doing what you do best! I want products that are DURABLE and show obvious attention to detail by the designers. The little omega symbols in unexpected places, the little snap that keeps the pull-over from flapping into my face while I run, the cool little zipper-pulls, and drawstring end-caps. Anyways? I love you guys, but I am scared about where things are headed for Lulu as a company. I am your bread and butter? I am a 33 year old female with an active lifestyle and I depend on Lulu to make great clothing that I can get excited to buy. I don't want to have a feeling of dread that I am going to order something online and it's going to be sub-standard Lulu gear that disappoints. I know you are hearing this from a lot of your customers? please pay attention to us and get back to the details of making great clothing! February 4, 2014
Lulu fell off with product quality on this one! Sleeves are too long; about 3 inches, and i have freakishly long arms :) The material seems thinner than my older forme/define jackets. There's no cuffins, and no emergency hair tie. I really miss that. And the zippers on the pockets do not have the signature lululemon logo. Don't waist your money. Buy the forme jacket with the cuffins. Much better purchase than this one. January 27, 2014
What is wrong with Lulu sizing? I wanted to love this jacket but the size of this one is different from the same jacket model I have in a different color. It is disappointing because sizing should be consistent throughout at least the same model. I bought this jacket on sale and would like to return it. December 28, 2013
Awkward sleeve length while the jacket itself fits (and is very fitted), the sleeves are about 5 inches too long for my average-length arms. The model wears them pushed up for a reason--they're probably too long for her, as well. Definitely not worth the expense. December 5, 2013
I should have waited for the Forme II... After years of wearing my Define jacket I had to buy a second jacket for my daily trips to the studio, walks and runs. So I tried on the Forme jacket on several occasions and always put off buying it, as there are a few features I do not like: the cheap zippers at the front pockets, the long arms without the foldover "cuffins", the absence of a hair tie on the zipper pull, the mesh panel at the armpits. But do like the fit of the jacket - it looks just stunning! So I finally forked out the money and made this jacket mine, only to find that 2 weeks later the Forme II was launched, and the updated version has all the little things that the original Forme lacks: cuffins, better zippers, a hair tie, no mesh panels!!! I was so annoyed that LL didn't reduce the price of the original Forme, knowing that the updated version would hit the stores soon. Now I'm stuck with a jacket I do not love 100%, and each time I walk into a LL store, I regret that I bought the old version and paid full price instead of hanging in there for the Forme II... November 12, 2013
Loved It, Bought Two I loved my black Forme Jacket so much, I bought another one in hot pink on sale. This jacket looks sleek, is form-fitting, and STAYS put. Walking, running, tennis, tumbling... no tugging needed. I would buy this jacket in every color available. November 12, 2013
bring back the define! I finally gave in and purchased the forme jacket in spry blue from the WMTM section. I have been holding off paying full price because I just don't think this jacket fits as well as the old define jacket did. And I miss the open vent the define had between the shoulders. I decided to give the forme a try since I got it on sale. Stuck with my original size 6. I find the armpits bunch along the front side of my chest but the thing that really bugs me is the zipper. On my old define jacket, on all my older lulu jackets, the zipper lays nice and flat. With this forme jacket the zipper bunches in two places when you sit down. The material is not as soft as the old define jackets either. I've also noticed the stitching on all the items I've purchased this year is sub-par. It is double stitched in some areas, loose threads everywhere and I've had some seams unravel after only a couple wears. Lulu, you really need to take a look at your product quality. Your customers are not stupid. We remember the old lulu quality that we could wear for five years and it still looked like new. I've been purchasing your clothes for ten years and follow the care instructions, hang everything to dry. There has definitely been a decline in quality in all products I have purchased this year. I am just hoping this jacket holds up more then a couple wears, because there are sections of the seam that look like it is ready to fall apart. I used to spend thousands of dollars a year on your product, but will be exploring other options until these quality issues are addressed. November 6, 2013
Forme Jacket*brushed I got this forme jacket for a gift and about two months after i got it, it started getting pills (wads of fabric) on the sleeves and the sides of the jacket. I have followed washing instructions and nothing will help. I have noticed other people have had the same problem. November 2, 2013
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