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Scuba Hoodie *Stretch (Lined Hood)

a blend of cotton and polyester famous for its coziness - this fabric is thick, warm and durable

why we made this

A deep, lined hood, thumbholes and Cotton Fleece fabric make this sweatshirt our go-to piece when we're wanting to boost our cozy factor. We designed it to be soft and stretchy to increase movability when we're battling the elements.

fabric + features

  • the Cotton Fleece fabric has stretch so the hoodie moves everywhere you do
  • the deep, lined hood and high collar help keep your head and neck warm
  • ribbing in the waistband, cuffs and under the arms provide additional stretch
  • park your zipper in the zipper garage to keep it from scratching your chin
  • thumbholes and snug cuffs keep sleeves down and make layering easy
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: to-and-from
  • fabric(s):
    Cotton Fleece
  • fit: body-skimming
  • length: hip
$108.00 USD
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Scuba Hoodie *Stretch (Lined Hood) 3.7 5 385 386
Love it, but.... I ordered this hoodie online just before Christmas, to replace my old one that I had loved dearly for 4+yrs. At first I loved the new design w/ the stretch panels in the arms, but after only a month the elastic in the elbows started to come out...making my adored hoodie look cheap. As my other one took YEARS to start to show wear, I was very disappointed that this one started to come apart in just under a month... :( April 2, 2014
Love this hoodie, but the bottom hem stretched =( I received this hoodie as a Christmas gift and I loved it at first. I am 5'3" and I have a short torso, so the length was perfect and I liked the fit of the size 6. I've washed it a few times in cold water and laid it flat to dry (none of my lulu clothes get put in the dryer), but I noticed that it didn't look as flattering after washing as when I first got it. The bottom hem seems to have stretched out or something because it doesn't hug my hips like it used to; it looks like the torso part just hangs and looks really boxy. I'm not a huge fan of how it looks when I am wearing it anymore, which is a shame because I really liked this sweater. March 30, 2014
scuba I love scuba hoodies! I bought one a few months ago. I washed it once and the color fades right out. This was my favorite hoodie as I dont wash them often. Good hoodie, but I havent bought one since. They are very pricey and its greatly disappointing when the color fades out, especially when you live 22 hours away from the nearest store! March 25, 2014
Stretched out bottom hem I purchased the angel wing slalome stripe about six months ago and I've babied it the whole time. I've washed it twice by hand and hung to dry. Somehow the whole bottom hem has stretched out and doesn't fit right. I'm very disappointed for a $110 hoodie with such a following. I barely got six months use, let alone the five year quality standard. March 23, 2014
Just one thing I ordered this online and I knew it might be a size too small (I must be an in between size for scubas because 2 is too small and 4 is too big). So I ordered a size two and intended to give it to my younger cousin if it didn't fit me. And so I got it and it was too tight and I'm okay with that, my only slight issue is that I LOVE that when I order online it ships with a shopper bag as well, absolutely perfect for gifts, and I like to use the small bags for my lunches. BUT this scuba hoodie was shipped with a small bag! Like this is a thick, warm sweater and even the size two doesn't fit in the small bag. Thankfully I have a large bag from the lulu store, because especially to a younger person like my 12 year old cousin, the reusable bag is part of the great lululemon experience! Whoever does the packaging/shipping should just be more considerate when people are buying large and/or multiple items! I know it's just a small detail but it just would have been nice. March 15, 2014
Very Disappointed With Product and Service I was very excited to receive a new Scuba Hoodie for Christmas. I have an older one that I love and wear all all the time. When I tried on my new hoodie is was about 6 inches shorter than my old one. They were both the same size (size 10) but the new hoodie fit more like a 6-8 and was way too short to wear and be comfortable. I went back into the same store that it was purchased and tried on a larger size hoodie to see if that would solve the problem of the length being too short. Unfortunately, it did not. I asked a sales associate if there was another option similar to the scuba hoodie that was a little longer. He informed me that they had changed the make of their scuba hoodies and were outsourcing where their clothing were made now (in China as apposed to in Vancouver, which their store advertises all over the place) He then told me that unfortunately their clothing was not made for all types of women and perhaps I would be able to find something elsewhere that would fit my body type better. I had heard stories in the past about lululemon making statements about not making clothing being for a very specific body type, but had no idea that they had their employees saying the same thing. I returned my hoodie and left and will never return to this location. I am beyond disappointed about the product and service I received from lululemon. March 2, 2014
Loved it at first I received this jacket for christmas from my BF. I absolutely loved the jacket until I washed it a few times. The color does not hold at all. It use to be a beautiful red (lore or love red) and now it looks years old. The band at the bottom does loose its shape. I still wear it sometimes, but am usually reaching for something else that looks better. I will not be buying or asking for a scuba again. I will most likely put it in my camping clothes. Its comfortable, but not worth the price to look like your jacket is faded and old February 20, 2014
More Colors! Love this length, fit, stretch & warmth.. I would SO LOVE to see this made in the Cashew color with a cadet blue accent! Please please offer more earthy, practical, versatile colors for Sweat Life + Street Life! February 19, 2014
almost perfect I have been wanting to buy this jacket for a while now and before I did, I remember trying it on in the store and finding it perfect around the hips, shoulders etc. When I bought the jacket I found that the waist band was very loose and not as tight as it was when I tried it on before. February 17, 2014
They finally got it right!! I took an interest in Lululemon this summer and tried their Scuba Hoodies on several times and always had the same problem - the size 4 could barely zip over my chest (which isn't even big, I'm a B cup) and was too short and the size 6 was fine at the waist but very baggy in the armpits. I recently tried on one of of these newer ones at a store hoping it would fit better because I really wanted the one I just got in the mail and it fit perfectly! The color I wanted (the apex/pink shell stripe) wasn't in stores so I went right home and ordered it. I LOVE the colors! The fabric surrounding the zipper is kind of hot pink and it looks really good. This is definitely already my favorite Lululemon jacket. Its so cozy and looks great. February 14, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : REL3-4.20140228.03:10 PM