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Scuba Hoodie II

A blend of cotton and polyester famous for its coziness - this fabric is thick, warm and durable

why we made this

Whether we're heading out to the studio or snuggling in from the cold, our fleecy Scuba™ Hoodie is our go-to layer. A longer length gives us a little extra coverage and ribbed panels in the sides give us plenty of room for high fives, bear hugs and cuddle puddles on the couch.

fabric + features

  • we updated the fit - longer length in the body and ribbed panelling in the sides keep us covered and give us room to move
  • soft, thick Cotton Fleece fabric helps lock in the heat
  • oversized hood helps keep you warm on your way to the studio
  • elastic zipper pull doubles as an emergency hair tie
  • designed not to shrink so your dryer isn't the bad guy on laundry day
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: to-and-from
  • fabric(s):
    Cotton Fleece
  • fit: slim
  • length: hip
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$108.00 USD
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Scuba Hoodie II 4.1 5 263 264
Zipper/"Emerg Hairtie" I received this sweater about a month ago for my birthday. I particularly loved it because of the unique hardware on the hoodie (rose gold tone zipper and emblem on zipper/elastic). The sweater itself fits great, very warm and cute enough to wear the the gym or to wear out with jeans. My disappointment stems from the elastic portion of the zipper already unravelling - I've owned this sweater for 1 month and it has been washed all one 1 time in the wash machine, and is already coming undone? I even turned this sweater inside out when I washed it. Mind you, the "emergency hair tie"/zipper pulley was only ever used as a zipper, it has never been removed or used for other purposes since I have owned it. Great sweater but unimpressed with the lack of quality - items should not be getting ruined or becoming undone in the wash. In addition, as much as I like the sweater... if this is the norm for the scuba zippers, then I am unsure of whether I would purchase one again. To conclude, I would potentially recommend this item to others (permitting this issue with my hoodie is a one off/irregular occurrence). January 25, 2015
My Favourite scuba yet! I recently purchased the new Scuba Hoodie II in the - lookout stripe heathered inkwell heathered white/inkwell colour. This is sooo beautiful! I love everything with Inkwell/ white stripes, and this did not disappoint. Everyone should buy before it is gone! January 20, 2015
Old Vs New I have the older version of this hoody and the newer one. When wearing this newer version it fits and hugs all the right place, it seems a better fit and a bit longer which keeps you warmer. The material isn't as thick as the older version and I haven't washed it yet so I have a feeling it might go pilfy but we will see! January 20, 2015
Nice surprise Like a lot of people, I regularly check out items repeatedly on the website. I wanted to get a new scuba hoodie, as the ones I bought in the past are a) starting to show their age, b) stretch out to the point that I feel gross wearing them, and c) shrunk so that they are too tight across the chest, so that if I wear one, I am constantly tugging at the material. I had gift cards collected over the last few months and finally hit up a store today, fully intending on buying a new pair of wunder unders. Well. I grabbed what I thought I wanted, and passed the scuba display on the way to the change room. The estate sales grid pattern,which I fully admit I found hideous on the website ("Who would want this nasty, plain, ugly hoodie?!?!") Was gorgeous in person! It looks white and plain online, but it's really a soft greyish oatmeal colour in person. I tried an 8 at first, although I always wear a 6, but it was just too big and droopy on me. The 6 fit nicely enough to choose that size, but I will try it with other bras before making that decision final. For reference, I'm 5'3.5", 126 lbs, slim athletic build but full 36 C. January 19, 2015
Warm, cozy, quality This is my first Scuba II jacket. The material is thick, warm and it feels cozy. I wear a size 6 in bras so I bought a 6. It fits well except the sleeves are almost 1.5" too long on me. I have a short torso (5'2" mostly leg length), but this is really long for sleeves. The overall length covers a lot of my hips. Ideally I would have loved it to be an inch or two shorter. It fits great everywhere else. (shoulders,chest/back,waist) I bought the manifesto and it's really cute! January 19, 2015
LOVE this hoodie, BUT...it's faded! I absolutely LOVE this hoodie, but I'm hating that the color (black) has already faded. I ordered this as part of a Christmas gift, so I've had it for not even a full month yet. I've worn it a couple of times, and it is SO warm and comfy that I'd love to order another one, but I just can't justify spending this amount $ on a hoodie that has faded in color after 3 or 4 weeks of use! I ordered the black, have worn and washed / dryer (as instructed) maybe 4 times. I'm a huge Lulu fan, and LOVE their products, and know how to treat them right...but I was somewhat disappointed in this fabric fading so fast :( I hope Lulu makes an adjustment in their fabric for this! January 18, 2015
BEST HOODIE EVER!!! I had always said that I would never spend over a $100 on a hoodie... well guess what i gave in. right after making my Christmas list and birthday wish this year I became obsessed with this hoodie and wanted one so bad! I almost ordered one in early December but I decided to wait. I even went to the store to see what size I would be and I'm an 8 (I wear xs/s shirts in regular clothes... I don't like things super tight where I feel like it is sucking me in especially in the stomach area, however I Love tight sleeves). Then closer to Christmas I was once again looking at them and fell in love with the heathered toothpaste/toothpaste color and I almost ordered it but once again I talked myself out of it and decided I would wait and see if I got a gift card or cash for xmas that I could use towards one. Well my brother didn't know what to get me so I had him get me a gc and after Christmas I went to order it and they were completely out of the toothpaste color. I checked the site everyday to see if it was back in stock! Then it still wasn't back in stock and I just couldn't wait so I decided to check out eBay. got an older color on eBay for $60 and then they finally restocked the toothpaste color but instead of ordering it right away and having to wait for the shipping I went to the store to see if they had it and they didn't. anyways the employee ordered it for me from online and I couldn't wait for it to come. It came a lot earlier than expected and since I haven't taken either the eBay or toothpaste hoodie off! I LOVE this hoodie and I want more!! I'm addicted!! These are totally with their large price! January 17, 2015
Please make this longer and in bright colours I love the stretch side panels and the fact that this hoodie is nice And warm. Please make this longer, or make a tall version. Also bring out some bright saturated colours...all the colours are black grey or neutral. January 17, 2015
Warm & cuddly I purchased my first scuba hoodie on line and loved it so much I went out and stimulated the economy with a second one at my local Lulu Shop (in hard to find houndstooth). Frankly, I love them both. It's plenty warm enough for 'cold' weather in Florida. (Yes, it gets cold down here too?..try living in 95 degree weather all summer long?.50 degrees is COLD!). I love the fitted styling, often hard to find in a hoodie, love the thickness and softness of the inside of the jacket. Ample pockets and the zipper is smooth and easy to use. Seams & stitching look perfect. I won't get too many months use of it in Florida, but that's nothing a trip to Minnesota can't fix! January 16, 2015
Estate Sales Grid is a little disappointing I own 5 of these already, and I love them. I am 5'6 140 lbs and the size 8 fits me best, but can go down to a size 6 without a problem too. In this most recent purchase, I decided to get the estate sales grid color, and the color appears to be on screen white with black grids, when I got it, it was almost like a light grey with black grids. I almost returned it but then figured pure white would get dirty really fast. I decided to keep it. It is adorable. I just wanted to make people aware that this color isn't as light as it appears on the computer. January 16, 2015