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Scuba Hoodie II

A blend of cotton and polyester famous for its coziness - this fabric is thick, warm and durable

why we made this

Whether we're heading out to the studio or snuggling in from the cold, our fleecy Scuba™ Hoodie is our go-to layer. A longer length gives us a little extra coverage and ribbed panels in the sides give us plenty of room for high fives, bear hugs and cuddle puddles on the couch.

fabric + features

  • we updated the fit - longer length in the body and ribbed panelling in the sides keep us covered and give us room to move
  • soft, thick Cotton Fleece fabric helps lock in the heat
  • oversized hood helps keep you warm on your way to the studio
  • elastic zipper pull doubles as an emergency hair tie
  • designed not to shrink so your dryer isn't the bad guy on laundry day
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: to-and-from
  • fabric(s):
    Cotton Fleece
  • fit: slim
  • length: hip
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$108.00 USD
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Scuba Hoodie II 4.1 5 300 301
Love the new design I really love this sweater, especially how the body is longer. I find it keeps me warm during all activities. It is also the perfect go to sweater for pre and post workouts. March 4, 2015
love love love this jacket, until now I have fallen completely in love with the Scuba Hoodie; its warm, cozy, soft, and perfect to wear to/from workouts. However... 9 weeks after purchasing it, the threads on the elbows are completely coming undone and the material on the elbows has all of the sudden worn so thin that it feels as if a hole is already forming. I'm really disappointed in the quality of this hoodie (considering how much I paid for it) and expected to get more than 9 weeks wear out of it... now I'm too scared to wear it all because I do not want holes in the elbow areas. Definitely not worth the money. March 3, 2015
So comfy I love this hoodie. I got the commuter denim color and it looks great it's like a fancy version of black. The only thing wrong with it is that I wish it was softer and flexible. It wouldn't be a hoodie I could lounge around the house in. I wear this to run errands or on a short walk. I purchased a size 10 these tend to run snug. I have a Scuba Stretch and this fit is by far superior. I really appreciate the extra length. March 3, 2015
It's good but... The hoodie itself is really nice but I've only had it for a couple months and the elastic in the zipper is already fraying and all stretched out. It doesn't lay flat anymore and it looks like it will snap very soon. I haven't used it as a hair tie or anything, so t's a bit disappointing that this hoodie cost so much and the quality of some parts is so bad. March 3, 2015
Love it, but... I have been wearing my Scuba II in heathered rainforest (love the color!!) for a few weeks now. I bought my very first scuba 3 years ago and was wearing it almost every day to and from the gym, yoga studio, out, etc and needed another. Went in to try on at the store and picked up an 8--the same size as my current one. Whoa...so small!! Ended up sizing to a 12 to get it to fit my shoulders. Of course its too big everywhere else, but that just makes it extra roomy. I do like that its a touch longer than the older model and a little more relaxed. Would purchase again in a 10 from this batch, but who knows next time since Lulu keeps changing its sizes. Seems to be a running theme with their tops this winter-super duper small and definitely not made for anyone with muscles. Please build in sizing consistency with your regularly offered items!! March 3, 2015
Cute, tight and high maintenance hoodie So full disclosure: I'm fairly new to the LLL brand. I found my way here through their awesome sports bras, bought a pair or two of pants and a couple of tops that I like, and decided to try this legendary Scuba hoodie. I waited until I'd washed it to write a review. The good: it's cute. It's warm. I love the long arms and thumb holes. My iphone feels secure in the pockets. The hood is warm and stays in place, and the collar doesn't choke me when I zip it all the way up. The weird: this hoodie is tight. Like, surprisingly tight. I bought the exact same size that I have in my other LLL tops and bras, and a size 6 in this hoodie strains over my 32C/D chest. It's great for walking around, but it's too tight to be comfortable as lounge wear, which to me is weird because, you know, it's a hoodie. It didn't shrink in the wash, and thank God, because I probably would have popped the zipper. I'm 5'8" and around 130lbs, for reference. The other odd thing about this hoodie is how much lint it collected in the wash, which is to say, it collected a lot. I washed my black hoodie on cold in an all-black load, hung it up to dry, and I had to lint-roll it to make it presentable once it was dried. Do you know how silly I feel lint rolling a hoodie? All that to say, I'm keeping it. I like it but I don't love it. If I ever decide to by another one, I'm definitely sizing up and I'll get it in a heathered color so the lint doesn't show up so badly. It's a warm hoodie and it seems durable (time will tell), but seriously, life is too short to spend it lint rolling my lounge wear. March 3, 2015
Love Lululemon I purchased this item the other day at my local store, and have had my eye on one of these for a while now. I finally made the purchase, because of how cozy it was and the fit, however it fits more snug than I would like it too and the size up was a little too big. I would love for lulu to come up with some larger sizing and larger made hoodies. I have tons of LLL and will continue to buy!! March 2, 2015
Love the Scuba II! I have been sceptical of buying a hoodie from Lululemon, as the last one I bought was one of the original Scuba Remix hoodies from about 2007 or 2008... While I tried hard to love it, it was stiff and a bit short. However, I'm so glad I decided to give the Scuba II a try!! It was an impulse grab on my way to the change rooms at a Lulu store near my house, and man am I impressed. It's so comfortable and stylish, I wear it around my house every day, and it still looks good enough to wear when I'm out and about. Not 100% in love with the cuffins, but I find I do have my thumbs through the holes quite frequently. The stretch panels in the sides and the sleeves mean that I can sit down without feeling constricted, and that I have a great range of movement without the entire hoodie moving around awkwardly. I decided to buy the size 6, as I like having it fitted, but not overly tight, but the size 4 would have been great if I wanted it to be quite fitted (5'5", 120lbs). The colour has so far held up in the wash, and I'm hoping it won't fade out, as I have seen many of the original fit Scuba looking dull after a time. I gave this 4 out of 5 stars because I'm not completely sold on the cuffins, and the price is still much higher than I think a fleece hoodie should be (the $85 price point I think would be perfect, even $90 I could justify better). That being said, I'm looking forward to ordering another one, as the comfort just can't be beat. March 2, 2015
Really thick but am returning This hoodie was a lot thicker than I had expected. I loved the fit around my waist and hips (fitted) and love the high neck when fully zipped. Sadly, I am returning this because the jacket digs into my thumbs when I put them through the thumb holes (which was a big reason I wanted this jacket). I've never had this problem with a Lululemon jacket before so I'm guessing maybe it is because of the material around the wrist area. It's a one way stretch whereas the rest of my Lulu jackets and hoodies seem to have a more comfortable fabric around the wrists. I'm 5'4 130 32F and got a size 8. I probably could go up a size but I don't want to lose the fitted look that a size 8 gives me, (my usual size in jackets from Lululemon). Sad to be returning this but am going to because of the thumb holes! March 1, 2015
Nice Hoodie I have this hoodie in white with black checker pattern, I receive compliments every time I wear it. The jacket does fit a bit too slim in the arms, I bought a size 6, I am 5'6, 128lbs, 36A\B, and athletic, so the body fits snug and comfortably, but the shoulders and arms were a bit tight the first few wears, however it seems that the fabric has stretched out a bit and now is comfortable (i have yet to wash, since I've only had for 2 weeks) Have worn it skating many times and it keeps me super warm, however can really only use for warm up, or choreo. (as the hood is rather bulky and distracting during jumps\spins). BUT enjoy how the hood can actually function as a hood, it fits well over my head (and my hair bun) unlike many other women's jackets out there. The emergency hair-tie\zipper pull is super clever. I wouldn't mind seeing different patterns or contrasts with the jacket. Have the LuLu logo that makes the pockets and up on the chest a different colour than the jacket fabric, that would be fun. I know these are "winter" items, but some of us like to be colourful even when it is cold. There are a few "brighter" colours, but the stained glass fabric is not my favourite and would have loved a floral type scuba design that is not the odd black and white floral\stripe one currently. March 1, 2015