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The Hot (Towel) Mat

why we made this

We designed this light, flexible and absorbent mat to be our ultimate Hot yoga companion. It folds up small enough to fit in our bag and the microfibre top keeps us from slipping around no matter how slick our practice gets. It's the perfect travel yoga mat, and machine washable to boot.

fabric + features

  • reversible - choose the towel or the rubber side depending on your practice
  • stable rubber bottom helps stop you from slipping around
  • absorbent microfibre stays grippy even in your sweatiest classes
  • antimicrobial additive helps prevent mold from growing on your mat
  • machine wash cold and tumble dry on low for easy clean up
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): microfibre, rubber, latex
  • dimensions: 71" x 26" (180cm x 66cm)
  • weight: 2.6lbs (1.2kg)
  • thickness: 2mm
$58.00 USD
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The Hot (Towel) Mat 2.8 5 30 30
Not sure what everyone else talking about? I purchased the towel mat as I only practice hot yoga. I also have "the mat' which yes, does smell and I am hoping it will go away this year. The towel mat I use on top of the mat because I like the extra padding and soft feel of the towel matt. I have used it now about 10 classes. It does not slip, (I easily stay in any position) I do NOT have to wet it down first. It does exactly what it says, grips wonderful and absorbs great. I purchased it in the fossil colour and have had no trouble with staining. Love this product! April 13, 2014
very disappointed very disappointed with this purchase, I purchased it last weekend and have used it for two hot yoga classes, its is too thin, almost like you have no mat, and it slips around during class. April 7, 2014
Good supplementary mat I bought this mat because the ability to wash it was appealing. My other mats get really nasty and no matter how many times I wipe them down they still look gross. This mat comes out clean every time. I use it for regular yoga and Pilate's but do find it to be thin. If you are extra boney I would recommend it for use on top of another mat only. April 2, 2014
Correct, sans + j'ai achete ce tapis pour du yoga chaud je ne suis pas mecontente de mon achat mais pas emballee non plus il est tres pratique d'un point de vue entretien et transport mais il est vrai qu'il glisse et il faut souvent le remettre en place il est tres fin, mais la je pense que ca depend des personnes, personnellement cela ne me derange pas trop au final, je pense quand meme que j'aurais du acheter un autre tapis March 20, 2014
I bought this mat in hopes that it would prevent slipping and sliding during my hot yoga practice because it sounded like it would be awesome. It came with the rubbery smell, but within 2-3 washed, the smell was gone :). It does have great features, like being very absorbant; however, it needs to be slightly wet (or I need to be really sweaty) for it to not make me slip on it. I also find the mat to be very thin and when I'm lying on my back, I can feel my spine against the floor. My only suggestions would be to make a mat like this but the regular width of a yoga mat and also to put the grips that I read about back on the mat! March 16, 2014
Perfect for hot yoga! The name accurately describes it--"Hot Towel Mat" and it serves its intended purpose--to keep you from slipping around during hot yoga. I have used both yogitoes and gaiam and I find this to be the best option. It's better than yogitoes because it is super thin (2mm) and has the rubber backing on the entire one side. This stays put and no need to spray. I like the lulu towel mat better than the gaiam because the lulu mat is longer an wider than the gaiam. (68 vs 71 for the length and 24 vs 26 for the the width) The top layer is super plush and I have not had any issues with slipping in positions or the mat moving around. No complaints whatsoever. As for the smell, that "smell" is called new and when I smell it I am thankful that I am able to get new things for my yoga practice. The smell went away after 3 washes, I wash with cold water after every use, no fabric softener, and I hang to dry OUT of the sun--this thing has held up and is a pleasure to use every time I practice. March 11, 2014
Interesting concept... I love the way it feels. I don't really do "hot yoga" but I do get pretty sweaty during my yoga sessions and this definitely helped my hands and feet grip the mat in that case. I agree with other users it has an interesting smell but it doesn't really distract my practice. March 11, 2014
Mat smells terrible but design is good The hot mat is in essence a great concept. I get great grip and use it on top of my non smelly Jade yoga mat. The problem is the smell. The rubber smell that comes with this product is terrible. I have washed it 6 times already and the smell has reduced some. However it seems to intensify when the heat gets going in class. It also has a bit of a sour taste. If you put your sweaty forehead on it in child pose and then get up and continue to sweat the sour taste rolls down your face into your mouth. Same with hands etc. The smell even travels to other items that are washed and dried with it. This is not the quality product we expect from the brand. March 8, 2014
With the grips, not too shabby I bought this, but like some others, with the inspiring words made to be the grip. I would much recommend this over one without. They need to bring that back for everyone. I find it's ideal as the travel mat it's meant to be, as it's thick enough to withstand everything, yet easy enough to fold up, and super convenient to wash. However, I use it mostly over my mat (The Mat) during hot yoga, and it has never ever slipped. It has a grip on the bottom just like The Mat, so I don't see how everyone is slipping, even without a yoga mat underneath it. I love it. I'd buy other colors, make pink!! March 3, 2014
Kind of Dangerous!! I got the Hot (Towel) Mat with the grips on them. It seems to be exactly the same as the one without, but with grips made out of inspiring writing (really cute). The mat is not suitable to use by itself. Minimal support was already expected because of the thinness (which is not an issue for me). I was going to use this as a great travel mat because it is super light, convenient and even washes well, but it slips all over the place. Using the towel side up for hot yoga, the mat slides about a foot backwards every class, and it does not even remain flat. The grips on the towel side of the mat aren't very stable either, as I still find myself slipping even in down dog. My neck is aching from all the whiplash from slipping. Was really hoping to make this mat work, but I guess it will only work on top of another mat, which defeats the purpose of buying a $58 all-in-one hot yoga mat. February 19, 2014
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