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The Mat

why we made this

If you asked us to choose a yoga essential we couldn't live without, The Mat would be it. Made of moisture-absorbing natural rubber to soak up sweat, it helps us get a grip during Hot, Hatha or Yin. Ideal for novice yogis, die-hard yogis and everything in between, we like to call it the little black dress of yoga gear.

fabric + features

  • thin polyurethane top layer wicks away sweat and absorbs moisture to help you get a grip
  • thick base layer cushions your hands and feet
  • antimicrobial additive helps prevent mold, bacteria and fungi from taking over your mat
  • natural rubber has a slight smell, but don't worry, it fades over time (tip: unroll it and air it out before you head to class)
  • wipe your mat down with warm, soapy water or soak it after a super sweaty class
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s): polyurethane, rubber, latex
  • dimensions: 71" x 26" (180cm x 66cm)
  • weight: 5.8lbs (2.65kg)
  • thickness: 0.19" (5mm)
$68.00 USD
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{"ONE SIZE":[["0001","3424457"],["16090","3566443"]]}

The Mat 3.9 5 769 773
Loved this at first, but doesn't wear well :/ First off, this is an awesome mat for yoga - I don't slip and there is just enough cushion so my knees and hands don't hurt when they come in contact with the ground! I was so happy with this initially but am really disappointed with how it has worn over the past year. The price definitely made it a big splurge for me, so it was especially frustrating to be less and less happy with it as time passed. I would advise new buyers to STAY AWAY from the lighter colors, as my mat has gradually become more scuffed and stained as I have used it. I only practice about 1-2 times per week (and even took several months off over the summer) and don't sweat very much, but my mat is really stained despite me cleaning it as recommended. It's embarrassing to unroll it in a class in it's current condition, and I've tried everything to get the discoloration out with no success. Ultimately, I wish I loved this as much as I did when I first bought it, but it just hasn't held up as I expected it would. August 24, 2014
The True Mat I've had this mat for almost three years and haven't had any problems...until now. Previously, I've used this mat for bikram only and I always used a towel on top so haven't had any slipping problems. Now I've started heated vinyasa and power flow and am slipping constantly in down dog or warrior without the towels. What happened? And now the edges of the smooth side are starting to peel away from the mat. In the market for a new mat but see "The Mat" is still getting good reviews. Where did I go wrong? August 23, 2014
Most indispensable workout item I love, love, LOVE this mat. My first hot yoga session ever was a slip and slide disaster - and I was almost convinced that I should never try it again. BUT then I went to see the experts at my local lululemon and explained the issues I was having...and their incredible staff recommended this mat for me. I brought it to session two and never looked back. I bought a beautiful light blue colour - and while I could complain about the scuffs, I like to tell myself they're just there because my mat is so well loved (and I know to just buy a darker colour next time). The rubber smell is a bit off-putting as well, but the more you use/clean the mat, the less it smells. Plus, I for one like to know that the rubber has my back - I feel safer when I can smell the rubber knowing that I'm not going to faceplant! Wouldn't leave home without it! August 22, 2014
loved this mat so much, then it got sticky?? I loved loved this mat for 2 years, it was the only mat I could find that didn't let me slip. I went through so many mats because I always slipped off my mat, but not this one. I got a pretty light blue color and loved going to class because I knew I could count on my mat, then one day 2 weeks ago, after having my mat for around 2 years, the underside (the side with the ridges) is super sticky! I washed it, then washed it again with soap and water, now its super clean and super sticky... I can't use this any more, because I feel like the floor is getting ripped up every time I pick it up. I actually had is rolled up and laying on the wall at the bottom of my stairs, and when I picked it up it pulled the paint off the floor. ( I have concrete floors that are stained) AND when I went to unroll my mat the back side literally stuck to the front side and now I have bits of the back side stuck on the front. I have no idea what happened, one day a great yoga class, to the next day sticky mat that can hardly unroll without sticking to everything. I think the underside material broke down and the stickiness from the rubber is sticking to everything. I really don't want to spend more money for another mat for this to happen again. However I start yoga school for my second part training of my 500 hour certification and need a mat! Would really love to know that this won't happen again, because I really did love this mat. August 22, 2014
Great in the beginning but now not so great This mat was extremely sticky in the beginning but after a year of use has become slippery. I washed it with baking soda and water and that did not help. August 21, 2014
This mat made yoga possible for me First off, I've noticed the reviews for this product to be split right down the middle, you either love this mat or hate it. I've owned my mat for a year now and read through pages of reviews before deciding to buy. I noticed two main points the "low raters" made: the rubber smell, and lack of grip. I washed my mat a couple times with baking soda and warm water and the rubber smell went away almost immediately. As for the lack or grip, I noticed some people said they cleaned their mat with tea-tree oil, which the directions specifically say NOT to use. I have never tried my mat in hot yoga, so I can't comment on its performance for that. My hands and feet get SUPER sweaty during practice, and I almost gave up yoga because I would slip on cheap mats (like the ones they supply at my gym). Purchasing this mat was the best decision I ever made because I could finally relax my shoulders in down-dog without fear of slipping and doing a face-plant. This mat does scuff a little bit, but it is just aesthetic and does not take away from the functionality. I have cut the surface with my fingernails though, and now keep them trimmed to avoid further damage. The mat does stain from things like makeup, and the surface does change color when it absorbs moisture. I purchased a light purple mat, and will be buying a darker color next time. However, washing with baking soda and warm water has helped most of the stains disappear over time. I used to roll mine with the colored side out, until my cat used it as a scratching post. I recommend to roll it colored side in, and I haven't had any issues with transport since then. August 21, 2014
Disappointed ? but I don?t want to be! I was extremely excited when I received the Mat as a gift. The first few uses were great and I really felt as though it was enhancing my practice (even with the smell!). However, recently, I feel as though the grip that was so apparent when I first received my mat is gone. I have had it for six months and I would say that I am just starting to practice more regularly and I feel completely unstable on my mat. I constantly slip throughout my practice and I feel as though I am more focused on that than the poses. I am disappointed as I was a huge fan of this mat in the beginning and it surprises me that it would lose the quality so quickly. My fiancé (who purchased this mat for me) no longer has the receipt so I feel stuck. I would rave about this mat and could even look past the rubber smell if the grip was still intact. I do carefully wash it based on the instructions provided. August 21, 2014
Disappointed I bought this mat a little over a month ago. I've maybe used it 5 times. I was sick for about 2 weeks so I wasn't practicing. After the first use, it had scuff marks! So disappointed! I also slip on the mat and the girl at the store told me that wouldn't happen. I'm past the return date and since it's used I don't think I can return it anyway so I am stuck with it. August 19, 2014
Felt Like a Mouse Stuck to a Glue Trap I love most Lulu products so I was very excited when I finally purchased this mat. Although I wasn't keen on the rubber smell, I ignored that and looked forward to my very first hot yoga session with this mat. Unfortunately the mat was so tactile that I felt like my skin was being peeled off every time I had to get up. I just prayed I would get through the session before the mat ripped all the hair out of my body! In addition to that, my feet were killing me afterward and I assume that it may be attributed to the mat being too hard. August 19, 2014
8 Months Later... Stinks Like Tires I loved the idea of this mat. Before I got it, my hands were slipping all over the place. So I wanted this to work. I really did. I thought the rubber smell would go away, but it's still here. Intruding on my savasana and every pose I get within 6 inches of the mat. I would really like to be able to return this, even though I haven't kept my receipt from 8 months ago. And I second what some other reviews said - it scuffs so easily! But if it didn't smell like a tire, I could deal with a few scuffs... August 16, 2014
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