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Wunder Under Crop (Reversible)

Our signature four-way stretch fabric is sweat-wicking and cottony soft - we love this high-performance fabric for its serious stretch and recovery

why we made this

We created these crops to be a no-fuss tight for our yoga practice, but we just couldn't stop wearing them. The second-skin fit makes it easy to check our alignment and the calf-length leg gives us room to breathe when we're breaking a sweat. And bonus - did we mention they're reversible?

fabric + features

  • cottony-soft Luon™ fabric is engineered for serious stretch and recovery
  • Luon fabric is sweat-wicking, four-way stretch and breathable
  • pick a side - fully reversible design so you get two looks in one
  • the wide, soft waistband keeps you covered - the only muffin you should have is for breakfast!
  • stash your yoga pass or gym card in our signature waistband pocket
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga, gym, everything!
  • fabric(s):
  • fit: tight
  • rise: medium
  • inseam: 201/2"
  • leg opening: 11"
  • hemmable: yes
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$82.00 USD
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Wunder Under Crop (Reversible) 3.3 5 247 249
Wunder unders are go-to pants for hot yoga I have several styles of LL pants/crops and always reach for the wunder unders on yoga days. Recently purchased the purple fog/black reversible crops and I couldn't be happier! I feel like a got 2 pants for the price of one. I was worried about the purple showing through on the black side, but it doesn't at all, even when I bend over. The stitching is purple on the purple side, and black on the black side. Definitely recommend! I haven't washed them yet, so I will update this review if any color bleeding issues occur, as others have mentioned. I'm hoping that buying a more subdued color (purple fog) rather than a neon will curb the issue. November 6, 2014
Wish They Stayed Nicer I loved these crops when I first got these - I follow the instructions for washing to a T but sure enough, the black wunder unders ended up lightening almost instantly to a light black, and have started pilling at the inner thigh. I have to buy these a size larger than I am to ensure they don't see through. I have had these for 2 years now, went back to the store to ask if they could do anything, and they told me that is just how these pants act and they can't help me. They suggested I not buy this cotton fabric wunder under and stick to the luon. I don't really consider that to be standing behind your products, Lulu. For a steady customer, not what I wanted to hear. November 3, 2014
Super comfortable Haven't worn them to a yoga session yet. Just bought them today after finding a size 4 in the store. I picked these pairs over the Luxtreme fabric because they are soft and comfy. I feel like I could wear them to yoga or out. Reversible design gives me the flexibility and more for the money. It does feel like a second skin October 12, 2014
Color Bleeds Badly I have these in black/paris perfection and have washed and dried them over 10 times. The paris perfection color still bleeds after a tough spin class and stains my studio's white towels pink. Not cool, very embarrassing. Won't be doing any serious workouts in these from now on since I can't sit down without leaving a mark! July 18, 2014
Baggy and Saggy I purchase the Wunder Under crops and pants for dance and yoga. I have owned 15+ pairs of the WU and I tend to have a good experience, but recently the quality of the crops are less than satisfactory which is so sad to me! Most specifically, I'm really disappointed in the reversible WU. They were great at first in terms of wear, but after having them for 2 months they have stretched out to the point of no return. Considering the $82 price tag, I would expect them to remain form fitting. Due to the reversible nature and thickness of the crop I would expect maybe a slight bagginess after awhile, but when I wear these I look like I'm wearing a crop that's meant to be a more casual wide leg. The bagginess in the back of my legs and seat area have made my WU completely unwearable. These do not "hold me together" the way I would expect. Aside from the bagginess, I've also experienced a stitching issue with the reversible. The stitching on the front is coming undone. There's also a piling problem near the stitching area on the seat as well as the inner thigh. June 23, 2014
Love! Love these pants! I ordered them in the blue/black version. The blue does show through a bit when wearing the black fabric outside, but I actually think it looks cool. It makes them look a little different than your standard black lulu pants. I think they are super comfortable and one of my favorite lulu pants to date! June 17, 2014
Just buy either colored or black crops... I have these in the Raspberry Glo /Black, I will say they are beautiful BUT when you wear the black side, you can see the pink shining through. The black material is also different from the pink side. The black side catches fuzz, isn't soft at all, and the fabric is heavier. Whereas, the pink side is silky, smooth, and doesn't catch fuzz. I loved these for the fun pink and thinking I'd get double use out of these, but in reality, I hate wearing these. They're hot and I do not wear the black side, I had a friend ask me if I was wearing pink panties, but it was the pink side of the pants showing through. I should've just bought the In The Flow Crops in Pink rather than these. I refuse to wear these in my classes I teach, because I don't want clients thinking the same thing my friend did, that's embarrassing. So anyone looking to get these, consider other pants with fun colors, if that's what you're looking for. June 17, 2014
Unforgiving Does anyone else find that the colored, reversible wunder unders tend to show every little imperfection beneath the surface? Relatively speaking, I'm in pretty good shape. Friends tell me I am "so lucky" to have no cellulite on my legs. Stangely, I find that when I put these crops on and go into certain lighting I can see fat I never knew I had! Sort of like wearing tight, white jeans. I don't have the same problem with the non-reversible wunder unders or the inspires. Could it be the material? June 5, 2014
Waste of money I am once again disappointed with the lack of quality in new lulu products. These crops stretch and fall down while I run. Tstarted to pill the first time I wore them. I have a pair of Lulus I purchased 8 years ago that are in better shape than this pair that I have worn 3 times! What happened to the quality I use to love. May 27, 2014
the Wunder Under is back! (with more coverage) I have these in the black/cadet blue and love them! The reversible fabric is thicker and provides better coverage than the too thin Wunder Unders of the past year. I'm 5'5", 150 lbs and the 8 fits perfectly (they stretch a bit when you wear them). May 17, 2014