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Ta Ta Tamer II (C-E cup)

a sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric that's cool to the touch and fits like a second skin - this technical fabric offers support and smooth, low-friction performance

Getting a bra with the right support is important. If you don't love the fit, send it back - returns are on us.

why we made this

Not all bras were created equal. This little number was designed to keep our ladies under control when we're sweating our hearts out. With crossable straps and a hook-and-eye closure, it's fully adjustable so we can cater to our comfort.

fabric + features

  • Luxtreme® fabric is cool to the touch and offers smooth, low-friction performance
  • sweat-wicking and breathable fabric has four-way stretch
  • hook-and-eye closure at the back gives support by giving you a proper fit around the ribcage
  • wear the straps straight or cross them for maximum support
  • smooth, flat seams help reduce chafing under the bust
  • pockets for optional, removable cups
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run, cross-training, gym
  • fabric(s):
  • support: medium
  • coverage: medium
$58.00 USD
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{"0006":[["32 C","3528227"],["34 C","3528228"],["36 C","3528229"],["34 D","3528238"],["32 D","3528237"],["38 D","3528240"]],"0001":[["32 C","3506927"],["34 C","3506928"],["36 C","3506929"],["32 D","3506937"],["38 C","3506930"],["34 D","3506938"],["36 D","3506939"],["38 D","3506940"],["32 DD","3506933"],["34 DD","3506934"],["36 DD","3506935"]],"7524":[["32 C","3559974"],["34 C","3559975"],["36 C","3559976"],["38 C","3559977"],["32 D","3559984"],["34 D","3559985"],["36 D","3559986"],["38 D","3559987"],["32 DD","3559980"],["34 DD","3559981"],["36 DD","3559982"]],"0002":[["32 E","3506890"],["34 E","3506891"],["36 E","3506892"],["32 C","3506875"],["34 C","3506876"],["36 C","3506877"],["38 C","3506878"],["32 D","3506885"],["34 D","3506886"],["36 D","3506887"],["38 D","3506888"],["32 DD","3506881"],["34 DD","3506882"],["36 DD","3506883"]],"14435":[["32 C","3548637"],["34 C","3548638"],["36 C","3548639"],["38 C","3548640"],["32 D","3548647"],["34 D","3548648"],["36 D","3548649"],["38 D","3548650"],["32 DD","3548643"],["34 DD","3548644"],["36 DD","3548645"]],"12189":[["32 C","3528200"],["34 C","3528201"],["36 C","3528202"],["38 C","3528203"],["32 D","3528210"],["38 D","3528213"]],"11314":[["32 C","3548474"],["34 C","3548475"],["36 C","3548476"],["38 C","3548477"],["32 D","3548484"],["34 D","3548485"],["36 D","3548486"],["38 D","3548487"],["32 DD","3548480"],["34 DD","3548481"],["36 DD","3548482"]],"15311":[["32 C","3560001"],["34 C","3560002"],["36 C","3560003"],["38 C","3560004"],["32 D","3560011"],["34 D","3560012"],["36 D","3560013"],["38 D","3560014"],["32 DD","3560007"],["34 DD","3560008"],["36 DD","3560009"]],"13906":[["34 C","3543151"],["36 C","3543152"],["32 D","3543160"],["38 D","3543163"],["32 DD","3543156"],["36 DD","3543158"]],"14395":[["32 C","3544360"],["34 C","3544361"],["36 C","3544362"],["38 C","3544363"],["32 D","3544370"],["34 D","3544371"],["36 D","3544372"],["38 D","3544373"],["32 DD","3544366"],["34 DD","3544367"],["36 DD","3544368"]],"13360":[["32 C","3548517"],["34 C","3548518"],["36 C","3548519"],["38 C","3548520"],["32 D","3548527"],["34 D","3548528"],["36 D","3548529"],["38 D","3548530"],["32 DD","3548523"],["34 DD","3548524"],["36 DD","3548525"],["36 E","3548534"]],"4278":[["32 C","3544333"],["34 C","3544334"],["36 C","3544335"],["38 C","3544336"],["32 D","3544343"],["34 D","3544344"],["36 D","3544345"],["38 D","3544346"],["32 DD","3544339"],["34 DD","3544340"],["36 DD","3544341"]],"14401":[["32 C","3553525"],["34 C","3553526"],["36 C","3553527"],["38 C","3553528"],["32 D","3553535"],["34 D","3553536"],["36 D","3553537"],["38 D","3553538"],["32 DD","3553531"],["34 DD","3553532"],["36 DD","3553533"],["34 E","3553541"],["36 E","3553542"]],"14402":[["32 C","3548568"],["34 C","3548569"],["36 C","3548570"],["38 C","3548571"],["32 D","3548578"],["34 D","3548579"],["36 D","3548580"],["38 D","3548581"],["32 DD","3548574"],["34 DD","3548575"],["36 DD","3548576"]]}
{"36 E":[["0002","3506892"],["13360","3548534"],["14401","3553542"]],"34 E":[["0002","3506891"],["14401","3553541"]],"34 D":[["0002","3506886"],["0006","3528238"],["0001","3506938"],["14395","3544371"],["4278","3544344"],["13360","3548528"],["14401","3553536"],["14402","3548579"],["11314","3548485"],["15311","3560012"],["14435","3548648"],["7524","3559985"]],"34 C":[["0002","3506876"],["0006","3528228"],["12189","3528201"],["0001","3506928"],["13906","3543151"],["14395","3544361"],["4278","3544334"],["13360","3548518"],["14401","3553526"],["14402","3548569"],["11314","3548475"],["15311","3560002"],["14435","3548638"],["7524","3559975"]],"32 DD":[["0002","3506881"],["0001","3506933"],["13906","3543156"],["14395","3544366"],["4278","3544339"],["13360","3548523"],["14401","3553531"],["14402","3548574"],["11314","3548480"],["15311","3560007"],["14435","3548643"],["7524","3559980"]],"34 DD":[["0002","3506882"],["0001","3506934"],["14395","3544367"],["4278","3544340"],["13360","3548524"],["14401","3553532"],["14402","3548575"],["11314","3548481"],["15311","3560008"],["14435","3548644"],["7524","3559981"]],"36 C":[["0002","3506877"],["0006","3528229"],["12189","3528202"],["0001","3506929"],["13906","3543152"],["14395","3544362"],["4278","3544335"],["13360","3548519"],["14401","3553527"],["14402","3548570"],["11314","3548476"],["15311","3560003"],["14435","3548639"],["7524","3559976"]],"36 D":[["0002","3506887"],["0001","3506939"],["14395","3544372"],["4278","3544345"],["13360","3548529"],["14401","3553537"],["14402","3548580"],["11314","3548486"],["15311","3560013"],["14435","3548649"],["7524","3559986"]],"38 C":[["0002","3506878"],["12189","3528203"],["0001","3506930"],["14395","3544363"],["4278","3544336"],["13360","3548520"],["14401","3553528"],["14402","3548571"],["11314","3548477"],["15311","3560004"],["14435","3548640"],["7524","3559977"]],"38 D":[["0002","3506888"],["0006","3528240"],["12189","3528213"],["0001","3506940"],["13906","3543163"],["14395","3544373"],["4278","3544346"],["13360","3548530"],["14401","3553538"],["14402","3548581"],["11314","3548487"],["15311","3560014"],["14435","3548650"],["7524","3559987"]],"36 DD":[["0002","3506883"],["0001","3506935"],["13906","3543158"],["14395","3544368"],["4278","3544341"],["13360","3548525"],["14401","3553533"],["14402","3548576"],["11314","3548482"],["15311","3560009"],["14435","3548645"],["7524","3559982"]],"32 D":[["0002","3506885"],["0006","3528237"],["12189","3528210"],["0001","3506937"],["13906","3543160"],["14395","3544370"],["4278","3544343"],["13360","3548527"],["14401","3553535"],["14402","3548578"],["11314","3548484"],["15311","3560011"],["14435","3548647"],["7524","3559984"]],"32 C":[["0002","3506875"],["0006","3528227"],["12189","3528200"],["0001","3506927"],["14395","3544360"],["4278","3544333"],["13360","3548517"],["14401","3553525"],["14402","3548568"],["11314","3548474"],["15311","3560001"],["14435","3548637"],["7524","3559974"]],"32 E":[["0002","3506890"]]}

Ta Ta Tamer II (C-E cup) 4 5 676 679
Takes some contortion I've been wearing Energy Bras for my runs, but after some weight gain the tatas were needing a bit more support. I tried on the tata tamer and it felt so good in the store I never wanted to take it off! Since I practically live in the CRB tops, I wear it with the straps crossed. I do have to let the strap length out almost all the way in order to do this. Then it's next to impossible to do up the closure with the bra on, so I have to close it up and then shimmy it over my head. It's not easy, and it takes some work, and some contortions, but once the bra is settled, the girls don't move on my runs. August 17, 2014
Best Sports Bra I've Ever Owned Seriously. No uniboob, comfortable, flattering, cute (!) - I plan on having a very long relationship with these sports bras. I don't have a problem wearing them with the straps crossed, but they are as long as possible to do so, so I could see that being an issue for some. I did find that I needed a larger cup size than my regular bras - I'm typically a 32d/dd and found that the 32e actually fits best, which brings me to my only complaint... The last 3-4 colors of these that have been released have been sold out in my size as soon as they hit the website. No lie - I even happened to be looking at the website the night a new color went up and 32e was already "sold out". So, I don't know if lululemon is just not making every color in that size, or if they're only making like 10 and they really are sold out, but it's frustrating. Please have more colors available in 32e! August 16, 2014
Great bra This was the first bra I bought from lululemon and I absolutely love it. It's perfectly supportive and keeps my chest in place and doesn't make my chest look like a shelf. I'm not always a fan of bras with thick straps, but these are not very bulky. Great bra! For other sports bras, I have had to buy one cup size up, but I tried a few different sizes on in the store and ended up buying my normal cup and band size. August 15, 2014
Solid running bra I've recently begun training for a ten mile after a hiatus from running. Years ago, I ran long distances quite frequently and am no stranger to trying on endless numbers of running bras. I had bought two Moving Comfort bras - the rebound racer + the urban x-cover - both are solid bras, with the urban x-over being a little more stylist. I needed a third bra and thought I would try the new ta-ta tamer. I've tried on the ta-ta tamer before, and I disliked that the straps did not cross, and how if your boobs are not high up on your torso, it's like an acrobatic trip to get them into the cups. So, I thought I'd try it again and was relieved to see some updated colors. I have to say it took a little wiggling into, but I like the fit. You can cross the straps. Obviously this shortens them, and if you have a longish torso like me, it can be a bit tricky. For some taller gals (I am short but have a longer torso than legs), I can imagine crossing the straps would not allow it to fit. For me, the fit was snug, like my Moving Comfort bras. Bounce was minimal. I am always at a loss as to what is actually bouncing - my fat around my waist or my actual boob? Unless you squish everything together and flat like in a compression bra, your fat will move. The bounce was about as much as the Urban X-over, which is fine by me. I took it on a run this AM for two miles. Comfortable. The padded straps help, so even though they are on snug, they do not dig in. I will wait to see how it holds up during my 5k this weekend and as I add mileage. So far, an improvement over the old model, but bra shopping is like trying on jeans - there is not one fit that will cater to everyone - you really have to try it on to see if it works for you. August 14, 2014
Fell apart I was excited when I first got this bra- fit well and I used it in my regular sport bra rotation. What I noticed is that first one eyelet fell out of the clasp and the back, then another, then another. I had to rig up a way for the bra to stay closed at the back as I was down to only one working clasp! All of the other bras in my rotation did not fall apart like this! I really like the look and fit of this bra- too bad I can no longer do it up in the back! August 13, 2014
amazing After years of wearing other lulu bras and thinking I'd never need my 'tas' to be tamed, I finally bought this bra. It feels like I'm not wearing anything at all - it doesn't shift or move when I cycle or do vigorous yoga classes, and it is very supportive. I will definitely be buying more of these & would recommend them to anyone who is looking for comfort, support, and quality in their sports bras. August 13, 2014
Wish I had read more reviews I have purchased two ta ta tamers before getting this one. My others are a few years old and still going strong. I ordered this one July 17 and received it quickly. I have only worn it three times and already it has started to rip. The rip is along the part near the clasp. I am afraid to wear it again in case it rips even more. A bra this expensive should not be so poorly made that it rips. I was not wearing it too tight either. It was comfortable. I am between two clasps and always wear on the looser clasp so it definitely was not pulled too tight. I wish I had paid more attention to the reviews that state how much the lulu quality has gone downhill. August 12, 2014
quality control issues First of all I just want to say I love LLL! I'm having second thoughts though especially when it comes to spending a lot of money on a product that doesn't deliver. I have worn the ta ta tamer and loved this bra until noticing that the band is starting to give to the point that it's useless now. How do you expect people to do medium to high impact workouts with this happening???? I can barely wear this bra to and from. please start delivering LLL like you used to! August 7, 2014
Doesn't live up to the hype I really, really, really wanted to love this bra. It's such a cute design, the colors are great... even the name is cute! But as cute as it is, it's simply not functional for running. I'm training for a marathon and wore this bra on an easy 4 mile run. I could tell immediately that it didn't provide enough support as I was aware of my boobs bouncing the entire time. I am extremely loyal to Under Armour for all of my running gear, but went with the Ta Ta Tamer since the Under Armour bras I've had for 4+ years are not made anymore and they're also no where near as cute as the Lulu bras. I had heard such great things about this bra working for big chested girls that I figured it had to be good for running. It might work for lighter exercise, but it simply does not provide enough support and definitely does not take out the bounce when running. When I checked out I asked the sales associate what the return policy is. She said "you have to return them in 14 days. If you return them after that, you will get store credit." Okay, no big deal. I saved the receipt and cut off the tags, but kept them. I knew I needed to run in one of the bras I bought in order to truly judge how well it worked. I had planned to return the second bra if I didn't like them. Needless to say I am livid after looking online and seeing that Lulu has probably the worst return policy ever and that you must have the tags on your merchandise-- something the sales associate conveniently left out! I am honestly more irritated that I can't return these bras than I am that they aren't right for me. I am HUGE on customer service and brand loyalty, which is one of a million reasons I love Under Armour, whose return policy is "Anytime. Any Reason. Guaranteed." I recently returned 3 pairs of running tights to Under Armour. They had been worn, washed, and I didn't have the tags OR a receipt. They still took them back. I won't be branching out and trying any other items from Lulu. From now on I'll stick with a brand that's functional and customer service friendly. August 6, 2014
Great Bra but does not deliver what it promises I got this last month and I like it. I would love it if I was able to cross it. Like the other review said you could only cross it if your boobs were 2 inches from your chin. I recently bought tanks from lululemon and i am not able to wear this bra with it. August 5, 2014
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