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Ta Ta Tamer II (C-E cup)

moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Luon® fabric is breathable and cottony soft - we love this high-performance fabric for its serious stretch and recovery
a sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric that's cool to the touch and fits like a second skin - this technical fabric offers support and smooth, low-friction performance
Getting a bra with the right support is important. If you don't love the fit, send it back - returns are on us.

why we made this

Not all bras were created equal. This little number was designed to keep our ladies on lockdown when we're sweating our hearts out. With crossable straps and hook and eye closure, it's fully adjustable so we can cater to our comfort.

fabric + features

  • hook and eye closures at the back give more support by letting you get a proper fit around the ribcage
  • adjust the wide straps for a proper fit
  • cross the straps over or wear them straight for maximum support
  • chafe-resistant flat seams help reduce chafing under the bust
  • removable cups give shape and coverage and can be removed for extra breathability
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run
  • fabric(s):
  • support: medium
  • coverage: medium
$58.00 USD
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{"12189":[["32 C","3528200"],["34 C","3528201"],["36 C","3528202"],["38 C","3528203"],["32 D","3528210"],["34 D","3528211"],["36 D","3528212"],["38 D","3528213"],["36 DD","3528208"]],"0006":[["32 C","3528227"],["34 C","3528228"],["36 C","3528229"],["38 C","3528230"],["34 D","3528238"],["32 D","3528237"],["36 D","3528239"],["38 D","3528240"],["32 DD","3528233"],["34 DD","3528234"],["36 DD","3528235"]],"13223":[["32 C","3543124"],["34 C","3543125"],["36 C","3543126"],["38 C","3543127"],["32 D","3543134"],["34 D","3543135"],["36 D","3543136"],["38 D","3543137"],["32 DD","3543130"],["34 DD","3543131"],["36 DD","3543132"]],"0001":[["32 C","3506927"],["34 C","3506928"],["36 C","3506929"],["32 D","3506937"],["38 C","3506930"],["34 D","3506938"],["36 D","3506939"],["38 D","3506940"],["32 DD","3506933"],["34 DD","3506934"],["36 DD","3506935"],["38 DD","3506936"],["34 E","3506943"],["36 E","3506944"]],"13906":[["32 C","3543150"],["34 C","3543151"],["36 C","3543152"],["38 C","3543153"],["32 D","3543160"],["34 D","3543161"],["36 D","3543162"],["38 D","3543163"],["32 DD","3543156"],["34 DD","3543157"],["36 DD","3543158"],["38 DD","3543159"],["32 E","3543165"],["34 E","3543166"],["36 E","3543167"]],"0002":[["38 DD","3506884"],["32 E","3506890"],["34 E","3506891"],["36 E","3506892"],["32 C","3506875"],["34 C","3506876"],["36 C","3506877"],["38 C","3506878"],["32 D","3506885"],["34 D","3506886"],["36 D","3506887"],["38 D","3506888"],["32 DD","3506881"],["34 DD","3506882"],["36 DD","3506883"]],"11784":[["32 C","3506849"],["36 C","3506851"],["32 D","3506859"],["36 D","3506861"],["38 D","3506862"]],"12346":[["32 C","3528324"],["34 C","3528325"],["36 C","3528326"],["38 C","3528327"],["32 D","3528334"],["34 D","3528335"],["36 D","3528336"],["38 D","3528337"],["34 DD","3528331"],["36 DD","3528332"]],"15022":[["32 C","3543228"],["34 C","3543229"],["36 C","3543230"],["38 C","3543231"],["32 D","3543238"],["34 D","3543239"],["36 D","3543240"],["38 D","3543241"],["32 DD","3543234"],["34 DD","3543235"],["36 DD","3543236"],["38 DD","3543237"],["34 E","3543244"],["36 E","3543245"]],"4249":[["32 C","3528289"],["34 C","3528290"],["36 C","3528291"],["38 C","3528292"],["32 D","3528299"],["34 D","3528300"],["36 D","3528301"],["38 D","3528302"],["32 DD","3528295"],["34 DD","3528296"],["36 DD","3528297"]],"7398":[["32 C","3543176"],["34 C","3543177"],["36 C","3543178"],["38 C","3543179"],["32 D","3543186"],["34 D","3543187"],["36 D","3543188"],["38 D","3543189"],["32 DD","3543182"],["34 DD","3543183"],["36 DD","3543184"]],"10064":[["34 C","3528263"],["36 C","3528264"],["32 D","3528272"],["36 D","3528274"],["38 D","3528275"],["34 DD","3528269"],["36 DD","3528270"]]}
{"38 DD":[["0002","3506884"],["0001","3506936"],["13906","3543159"],["15022","3543237"]],"36 E":[["0002","3506892"],["0001","3506944"],["13906","3543167"],["15022","3543245"]],"34 E":[["0002","3506891"],["0001","3506943"],["13906","3543166"],["15022","3543244"]],"34 D":[["0002","3506886"],["0006","3528238"],["12189","3528211"],["12346","3528335"],["4249","3528300"],["0001","3506938"],["13223","3543135"],["13906","3543161"],["15022","3543239"],["7398","3543187"]],"34 C":[["0002","3506876"],["0006","3528228"],["12189","3528201"],["10064","3528263"],["12346","3528325"],["4249","3528290"],["0001","3506928"],["13223","3543125"],["13906","3543151"],["15022","3543229"],["7398","3543177"]],"32 DD":[["0002","3506881"],["0006","3528233"],["4249","3528295"],["0001","3506933"],["13223","3543130"],["13906","3543156"],["15022","3543234"],["7398","3543182"]],"34 DD":[["0002","3506882"],["0006","3528234"],["10064","3528269"],["12346","3528331"],["4249","3528296"],["0001","3506934"],["13223","3543131"],["13906","3543157"],["15022","3543235"],["7398","3543183"]],"36 C":[["0002","3506877"],["11784","3506851"],["0006","3528229"],["12189","3528202"],["10064","3528264"],["12346","3528326"],["4249","3528291"],["0001","3506929"],["13223","3543126"],["13906","3543152"],["15022","3543230"],["7398","3543178"]],"36 D":[["0002","3506887"],["11784","3506861"],["0006","3528239"],["12189","3528212"],["10064","3528274"],["12346","3528336"],["4249","3528301"],["0001","3506939"],["13223","3543136"],["13906","3543162"],["15022","3543240"],["7398","3543188"]],"38 C":[["0002","3506878"],["0006","3528230"],["12189","3528203"],["12346","3528327"],["4249","3528292"],["0001","3506930"],["13223","3543127"],["13906","3543153"],["15022","3543231"],["7398","3543179"]],"38 D":[["0002","3506888"],["11784","3506862"],["0006","3528240"],["12189","3528213"],["10064","3528275"],["12346","3528337"],["4249","3528302"],["0001","3506940"],["13223","3543137"],["13906","3543163"],["15022","3543241"],["7398","3543189"]],"36 DD":[["0002","3506883"],["0006","3528235"],["12189","3528208"],["10064","3528270"],["12346","3528332"],["4249","3528297"],["0001","3506935"],["13223","3543132"],["13906","3543158"],["15022","3543236"],["7398","3543184"]],"32 D":[["0002","3506885"],["11784","3506859"],["0006","3528237"],["12189","3528210"],["10064","3528272"],["12346","3528334"],["4249","3528299"],["0001","3506937"],["13223","3543134"],["13906","3543160"],["15022","3543238"],["7398","3543186"]],"32 C":[["0002","3506875"],["11784","3506849"],["0006","3528227"],["12189","3528200"],["12346","3528324"],["4249","3528289"],["0001","3506927"],["13223","3543124"],["13906","3543150"],["15022","3543228"],["7398","3543176"]],"32 E":[["0002","3506890"],["13906","3543165"]]}

Ta Ta Tamer II (C-E cup) 4 5 634 637
not perfect for running but pretty good I ordered this bra because it had so many glowing reviews Iam a natural D cup. I found it fit true to size. I ordered my regular bra size.The straps are comfcomfortable the support is decent but I am still fairly giggly and bouncing when jogging. I have a "moving comfort" bra from the running room that offers better confinement and less bounce but the design is so cumbersome to get on, it's almost not worth the comfort to spend all morning tring to get that bra on...the ta ta taimer is quick and easy to put on and I like that about it. April 11, 2014
I wanted to like it, but... I really wanted to like this bra. It seemed well-made and well-intentioned. I purchased a 36E, and while it technically fit, there were problems - it seems as if the bra is designed for breasts with extremely narrow roots (breasts with a base that is very much on the front of your chest, not the side). In addition, it didn't seem to provide much support or eliminate bounce - my hope was to use it for running, and I couldn't see myself doing that. The final problem was that there was NO WAY I could have worn the bra with the straps criss-crossed, as advertised - I feel like this might only have worked if I were five foot nothing tall! April 10, 2014
The only bra I run in I hated running. As a 34D (5'7", 138lbs) I couldn't find a bra that a) fit both rib cage and cups 2) wouldn't destroy my shoulders 3) could be put on and taken off without the help of an assistant. Then came the TaTa Tamer. It legitimately is the only bra I can run in. It definitely isn't a compression bra, but I haven't been bothered by the minimal bouncing that other people have commented on. April 9, 2014
Doesn't fit me correctly? I was so excited to get my Ta Ta Tamer II and when I tried it on, I don't know if the cup size is too small for me, or if it's just the way the bra itself fits, but I feel a if I need a larger cup size, and am not sure if they have one? I guess this is where customer service can help. I've got an average/curvy build & I have a large ribcage. I had no issues with it fitting around, just felt that my "ta ta's" needed a bigger cup size. I wear a 38DD in my reg bras, and that's what I ordered. What size is bigger than that, an E? I felt like it wasn't "flattering" on me. Maybe I'm used to having to wear my reg. bra, with a sports bra on top (being confined), but I did not feel like I was wearing something that I could just wear & confidently take a barre/yoga class without me having to adjust myself etc. I need to actually GO into a store and see if trying on other sizes will change this, but at this point, I can't wear it....and I ordered 2! Sometimes a big chest is not so fun! April 6, 2014
Best convertible encapsulation sports bra I found this to be true to size for me. Just like in the Booby Bracer, I bought my true bra size, which is a natural 32DD. I hook the back on the loosest hooks to start, and the fit is perfect. I actually prefer this to the Booby Bracer because the design is pretty and flattering, the colors are amazing and always available in my size, it is a convertible racer back, and it costs less than the Booby Bracer. I also know that it will not be discontinued because it's been around forever and it's a core style. I run in these, and there is no bounce and it's so comfortable that I don't feel it. I have this in Paris Perfection and Bali Breeze, and I plan to keep buying them. April 4, 2014
Heaven Sent This bra is the first sports bra I've ever had that has a band small enough for my tiny ribcage and supportive enough for my cup size! You usually have to sacrifice one or the other! For reference: I usually wear a 30DD or a 28E. I got this bra in a 32DD as suggested by a lady in the store, and it fits PERFECTLY! Go one band size up, but keep your cup size the same! April 2, 2014
Perfect for backpacking and hiking!!! Finding a decent backpacking bra for a cup size D is extremely difficult! I tried this bra, and I love it my life is changed. Wonderful support for hiking, yoga, and other medium impact sports. Dries overnight, too! So washing it in a creek before continuing to backpack the next day is just fine! For running I use other bras because this is for medium impact. Also, just like all specialized bras, be prepared for handwashing only. Duh. Otherwise the cups will mess up. April 1, 2014
Please make the Ta Ta Tamer in a B cup I'm begging you Lulu, please make this bra in a B cup. When I was pregnant / nursing it was go to bra. The support was great. I've been trying to find a replacement bra since I've gone back to a B, but everything you make is too short in the straps and overall length (the exception is the Energy Bra - but it doesn't have enough support). Please please make the Ta Ta Tamer in a B cup. March 29, 2014
Not worth it at all... Not enough support and the cups are SO frustrating. Every time I wash this bra the liners to the cups get wrinkled and crumpled. I don't put it in the dryer and still have this issue. It's such a hassle removing them and replacing them after every wash. I'd love to remove the cups for wear but then it would not offer nearly enough support. The SA in the store I went to confirmed that this was the right fit for me. I shouldn't have listened because the band feels unnecessarily tight and the cups too big. I don't get enough support for running yet it's too constricting for yoga. Worst of both worlds! Bottom line: completely not worth it, doubling up on old sports bras I've had for years offers better support and less frustration than this bra. March 19, 2014
My New Running Buddy The TaTa Tamer II exceeded all my expectations for a running bra. I'm a 32D-DD and finding a bra that fits is usually mission impossible. Not only is the fit perfect but there's NO bounce, it's comfortable, and it looks great under a shirt and without a shirt. Plus I love all the color options. March 18, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : REL3-4.20140228.03:10 PM