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Ta Ta Tamer II (C-E cup)

a sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric that's cool to the touch and fits like a second skin - this technical fabric offers support and smooth, low-friction performance

Getting a bra with the right support is important. If you don't love the fit, send it back - returns are on us.

why we made this

Not all bras were created equal. This little number was designed to keep our ladies under control when we're sweating our hearts out. With crossable straps and a hook-and-eye closure, it's fully adjustable so we can cater to our comfort.

fabric + features

  • Luxtreme® fabric is cool to the touch and offers smooth, low-friction performance
  • sweat-wicking and breathable fabric has four-way stretch
  • hook-and-eye closure at the back gives support by giving you a proper fit around the ribcage
  • wear the straps straight or cross them for maximum support
  • smooth, flat seams help reduce chafing under the bust
  • pockets for optional, removable cups
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run, cross-training, gym
  • fabric(s):
  • support: medium
  • coverage: medium
$58.00 USD
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{"14435":[["32 C","3548637"],["34 C","3548638"],["36 C","3548639"],["38 C","3548640"],["32 D","3548647"],["34 D","3548648"],["36 D","3548649"],["38 D","3548650"],["32 DD","3548643"],["34 DD","3548644"],["36 DD","3548645"]],"11314":[["32 C","3548474"],["34 C","3548475"],["36 C","3548476"],["38 C","3548477"],["32 D","3548484"],["34 D","3548485"],["36 D","3548486"],["38 D","3548487"],["32 DD","3548480"],["34 DD","3548481"],["36 DD","3548482"]],"15311":[["32 C","3560001"],["34 C","3560002"],["36 C","3560003"],["38 C","3560004"],["32 D","3560011"],["34 D","3560012"],["36 D","3560013"],["38 D","3560014"],["32 DD","3560007"],["34 DD","3560008"],["36 DD","3560009"]],"0001":[["32 C","3506927"],["34 C","3506928"],["36 C","3506929"],["32 D","3506937"],["38 C","3506930"],["34 D","3506938"],["36 D","3506939"],["38 D","3506940"],["32 DD","3506933"],["34 DD","3506934"],["36 DD","3506935"]],"14395":[["32 C","3544360"],["34 C","3544361"],["36 C","3544362"],["38 C","3544363"],["32 D","3544370"],["34 D","3544371"],["36 D","3544372"],["38 D","3544373"],["32 DD","3544366"],["34 DD","3544367"],["36 DD","3544368"]],"13360":[["32 C","3548517"],["34 C","3548518"],["36 C","3548519"],["38 C","3548520"],["32 D","3548527"],["34 D","3548528"],["36 D","3548529"],["38 D","3548530"],["32 DD","3548523"],["34 DD","3548524"],["36 DD","3548525"]],"4278":[["32 C","3544333"],["34 C","3544334"],["36 C","3544335"],["38 C","3544336"],["32 D","3544343"],["34 D","3544344"],["36 D","3544345"],["38 D","3544346"],["32 DD","3544339"],["34 DD","3544340"],["36 DD","3544341"]],"7524":[["32 C","3559974"],["34 C","3559975"],["36 C","3559976"],["38 C","3559977"],["32 D","3559984"],["34 D","3559985"],["36 D","3559986"],["38 D","3559987"],["32 DD","3559980"],["34 DD","3559981"],["36 DD","3559982"]],"0002":[["32 E","3506890"],["34 E","3506891"],["36 E","3506892"],["32 C","3506875"],["34 C","3506876"],["36 C","3506877"],["38 C","3506878"],["32 D","3506885"],["34 D","3506886"],["36 D","3506887"],["38 D","3506888"],["32 DD","3506881"],["34 DD","3506882"],["36 DD","3506883"]],"14401":[["32 C","3553525"],["34 C","3553526"],["36 C","3553527"],["38 C","3553528"],["32 D","3553535"],["34 D","3553536"],["36 D","3553537"],["38 D","3553538"],["32 DD","3553531"],["34 DD","3553532"],["36 DD","3553533"],["34 E","3553541"],["36 E","3553542"]],"14402":[["32 C","3548568"],["34 C","3548569"],["36 C","3548570"],["32 D","3548578"],["34 D","3548579"],["36 D","3548580"],["38 D","3548581"],["32 DD","3548574"],["34 DD","3548575"],["36 DD","3548576"]]}
{"36 E":[["0002","3506892"],["14401","3553542"]],"34 E":[["0002","3506891"],["14401","3553541"]],"34 D":[["0002","3506886"],["0001","3506938"],["14395","3544371"],["4278","3544344"],["13360","3548528"],["14401","3553536"],["14402","3548579"],["11314","3548485"],["15311","3560012"],["14435","3548648"],["7524","3559985"]],"34 C":[["0002","3506876"],["0001","3506928"],["14395","3544361"],["4278","3544334"],["13360","3548518"],["14401","3553526"],["14402","3548569"],["11314","3548475"],["15311","3560002"],["14435","3548638"],["7524","3559975"]],"32 DD":[["0002","3506881"],["0001","3506933"],["14395","3544366"],["4278","3544339"],["13360","3548523"],["14401","3553531"],["14402","3548574"],["11314","3548480"],["15311","3560007"],["14435","3548643"],["7524","3559980"]],"34 DD":[["0002","3506882"],["0001","3506934"],["14395","3544367"],["4278","3544340"],["13360","3548524"],["14401","3553532"],["14402","3548575"],["11314","3548481"],["15311","3560008"],["14435","3548644"],["7524","3559981"]],"36 C":[["0002","3506877"],["0001","3506929"],["14395","3544362"],["4278","3544335"],["13360","3548519"],["14401","3553527"],["14402","3548570"],["11314","3548476"],["15311","3560003"],["14435","3548639"],["7524","3559976"]],"36 D":[["0002","3506887"],["0001","3506939"],["14395","3544372"],["4278","3544345"],["13360","3548529"],["14401","3553537"],["14402","3548580"],["11314","3548486"],["15311","3560013"],["14435","3548649"],["7524","3559986"]],"38 C":[["0002","3506878"],["0001","3506930"],["14395","3544363"],["4278","3544336"],["13360","3548520"],["14401","3553528"],["11314","3548477"],["15311","3560004"],["14435","3548640"],["7524","3559977"]],"38 D":[["0002","3506888"],["0001","3506940"],["14395","3544373"],["4278","3544346"],["13360","3548530"],["14401","3553538"],["14402","3548581"],["11314","3548487"],["15311","3560014"],["14435","3548650"],["7524","3559987"]],"36 DD":[["0002","3506883"],["0001","3506935"],["14395","3544368"],["4278","3544341"],["13360","3548525"],["14401","3553533"],["14402","3548576"],["11314","3548482"],["15311","3560009"],["14435","3548645"],["7524","3559982"]],"32 D":[["0002","3506885"],["0001","3506937"],["14395","3544370"],["4278","3544343"],["13360","3548527"],["14401","3553535"],["14402","3548578"],["11314","3548484"],["15311","3560011"],["14435","3548647"],["7524","3559984"]],"32 C":[["0002","3506875"],["0001","3506927"],["14395","3544360"],["4278","3544333"],["13360","3548517"],["14401","3553525"],["14402","3548568"],["11314","3548474"],["15311","3560001"],["14435","3548637"],["7524","3559974"]],"32 E":[["0002","3506890"]]}

Ta Ta Tamer II (C-E cup) 4 5 686 689
Total Hold 'Em I was extremely resistant to purchasing this bra due to the look of it. I was hooked on the All Sport and Energy bras and I would double up on these for added support. I finally tried this bra and the support is amazing. I prefer to cross the straps when I wear first it feels awkward getting into it that way but it's definitely worth a little difficulty for the added lift and support. September 11, 2014
Great Bra I love the TaTa Tamer II. I have it in multiple colors and wear it for yoga, running, casual wear, etc...pretty much wear it for anything. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I'm unable to wear it as a racerback. The straps aren't long enough for me to be able to wear it that way. Seams are great, never get any chafing. I also like the removable cups, they do get mangled in the wash but I prefer to have the option to remove them if/when I want. September 7, 2014
Great for its intended use I'm a 34DD and needed a good, well-fitting bra for running and the gym. I saw a review that said this bra runs small, so I went with the 36DD and it fits great on the second to smallest hooks. I wore it on a run and it is definitely a MEDIUM support bra. Boobs were still bouncing around lots, but not enough to be a problem. It's very comfortable and doesn't chafe or dig in anywhere. I might have to buy the high-support Booby Bracer for more intense cardio workouts, but I'm really happy with the Ta Ta Tamer! September 7, 2014
removable cups are a mess I love LLL. I must own 50 items. I love the running tops, the bags, the jackets, socks, tights, everything. But they do not do a good sports bra. At least not for a C cup. I have tried them all. This one I found to be particularly poorly designed. I swear men are making these bras. I don't do yoga, so I'm not sure if it works for that, but it is not a maximum support bra and certainly not for running. The removable cups are a mystery to me. They come out in the wash and don't seem to hold their shape. The bra itself fits TTS, and the fabric seems nice. But the support isn't there. September 4, 2014
hooray for no chafing! With a petite torso, I've always struggled to find a bra with quality adjustable straps that I can make short enough so that I don't bounce around (34D) during high intensity exercise. I wore Moving Comfort bras for a few years but always experience chafing: under the bust, on the bust, beneath the armpit, and especially on the collar bone where the velcro straps came together. While definitely helpful to keep bouncing to a minimum, runs over 4 miles were not fun. When I made the switch, I was worried that the this product might also chafe on my back because of the plastic detachable hooks. Happily, I've had this bra for nearly 6 months and haven't had a single problem. As others have mentioned, crossing the straps is tricky. Even with a short torso, I have to make them very nearly as long as possible to make it fit. But--I rarely wear sleeveless tops when I run, so that's not really a problem for me. I would also like to see a nude color option, but again, not a reflection on its performance. September 3, 2014
Please support more support More 36Es pleeeeeeeease!! It's funny that those of us that need the most support have the hardest time getting it. I love the shape and fit. It doesn't smoosh everything together and I like having the option of crossing the straps for racer back tanks. The problem is the lack of size availability in different colors. August 30, 2014
Wish I could have loved this... :( I was looking for a bra with a good amount of support, as my others just did not cut it during workouts. I decided to try this bra. While I wish I could have loved it (its so pretty!), I don't! I picked this up in my regular size- 34D. When I tried it on at the store, it felt like it fit perfectly. However, after wearing it about 3-4 times, I realized it just was not true to size, and too small. Wearing it while doing light activities like walking was fine. However, during workouts the elastic on the bottom at the front would dig into my skin, causing severe rashes. On the bright side, it felt like it was supportive! I've since stopped wearing it after those first couple of times. It's such a shame after spending so much :( . I wish I had gotten it one size bigger, as I am sure I would have had a different experience! August 27, 2014
Already broken :( When I first got bra I was so excited to finally have a cute, supportive bra in my size! Unfortunately it has already begun to fall apart after only having it for 3 months! For the price of these bras I was hoping to get use out of it for much longer! The bottom clasp came loose and is spun around making it unusable. I really loved my sports bra but I need something that is better quality. August 26, 2014
Great for larger busts! Since gaining a little weight and being on the pill, my breasts have grown! I have had a lot of trouble finding a sports bra that fits me - where my boobs don't start popping out the top of the bra once I start moving - INCLUDING a racerback sports bra, however I am so glad I found this one! Great coverage, moderate support, great sizing options. I always wear it as a racerback. Plus, this bra is gorgeous! August 22, 2014
The Elusive Ta Ta Tamer Love the Ta Ta Tamer, have several and would like more, but there are absolutely none available in my size (34E). I realize that they may be popular but what's the deal with the lack of stock? August 21, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : OMS-PH1B.20140724.09:37 AM