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Ta Ta Tamer II (C-E cup)

a sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric that's cool to the touch and fits like a second skin - this technical fabric offers support and smooth, low-friction performance

Getting a bra with the right support is important. If you don't love the fit, send it back - returns are on us.

why we made this

Not all bras were created equal. This little number was designed to keep our ladies on lockdown when we're sweating our hearts out. With crossable straps and a hook-and-eye closure, it's fully adjustable so we can cater to our comfort.

fabric + features

  • Luxtreme fabric is cool to the touch and offers smooth, low-friction performance
  • sweat-wicking and breathable fabric has four-way stretch
  • hook-and-eye closure at the back gives support by letting you get a proper fit around the ribcage
  • adjust the wide straps for a custom fit
  • wear the straps straight or cross them for maximum support
  • smooth, flat seams help reduce chafing under the bust
  • pockets for optional removable cups
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: run
  • fabric(s):
  • support: medium
  • coverage: medium
$58.00 USD
{"11314":[["32 C","3548474"],["34 C","3548475"],["36 C","3548476"],["38 C","3548477"],["32 D","3548484"],["34 D","3548485"],["36 D","3548486"],["38 D","3548487"],["32 DD","3548480"],["34 DD","3548481"],["36 DD","3548482"]],"0001":[["32 C","3506927"],["34 C","3506928"],["36 C","3506929"],["32 D","3506937"],["38 C","3506930"],["34 D","3506938"],["36 D","3506939"],["38 D","3506940"],["32 DD","3506933"],["34 DD","3506934"],["36 DD","3506935"]],"13906":[["34 C","3543151"],["36 C","3543152"],["32 D","3543160"],["34 D","3543161"],["38 D","3543163"],["32 DD","3543156"],["34 DD","3543157"]],"14395":[["32 C","3544360"],["34 C","3544361"],["36 C","3544362"],["38 C","3544363"],["32 D","3544370"],["34 D","3544371"],["36 D","3544372"],["38 D","3544373"],["32 DD","3544366"],["34 DD","3544367"],["36 DD","3544368"]],"13360":[["32 C","3548517"],["34 C","3548518"],["36 C","3548519"],["38 C","3548520"],["32 D","3548527"],["34 D","3548528"],["36 D","3548529"],["38 D","3548530"],["32 DD","3548523"],["34 DD","3548524"],["36 DD","3548525"],["34 E","3548533"],["36 E","3548534"]],"4278":[["32 C","3544333"],["34 C","3544334"],["36 C","3544335"],["38 C","3544336"],["32 D","3544343"],["34 D","3544344"],["36 D","3544345"],["38 D","3544346"],["32 DD","3544339"],["34 DD","3544340"],["36 DD","3544341"]],"0002":[["32 E","3506890"],["34 E","3506891"],["36 E","3506892"],["32 C","3506875"],["34 C","3506876"],["36 C","3506877"],["38 C","3506878"],["32 D","3506885"],["34 D","3506886"],["36 D","3506887"],["38 D","3506888"],["32 DD","3506881"],["34 DD","3506882"],["36 DD","3506883"]],"14401":[["32 C","3553525"],["34 C","3553526"],["36 C","3553527"],["38 C","3553528"],["32 D","3553535"],["34 D","3553536"],["36 D","3553537"],["38 D","3553538"],["32 DD","3553531"],["34 DD","3553532"],["36 DD","3553533"],["32 E","3553540"],["34 E","3553541"],["36 E","3553542"]],"14402":[["32 C","3548568"],["34 C","3548569"],["36 C","3548570"],["38 C","3548571"],["32 D","3548578"],["34 D","3548579"],["36 D","3548580"],["38 D","3548581"],["32 DD","3548574"],["34 DD","3548575"],["36 DD","3548576"]]}
{"36 E":[["0002","3506892"],["13360","3548534"],["14401","3553542"]],"34 E":[["0002","3506891"],["13360","3548533"],["14401","3553541"]],"34 D":[["0002","3506886"],["0001","3506938"],["13906","3543161"],["14395","3544371"],["4278","3544344"],["13360","3548528"],["14401","3553536"],["14402","3548579"],["11314","3548485"]],"34 C":[["0002","3506876"],["0001","3506928"],["13906","3543151"],["14395","3544361"],["4278","3544334"],["13360","3548518"],["14401","3553526"],["14402","3548569"],["11314","3548475"]],"32 DD":[["0002","3506881"],["0001","3506933"],["13906","3543156"],["14395","3544366"],["4278","3544339"],["13360","3548523"],["14401","3553531"],["14402","3548574"],["11314","3548480"]],"34 DD":[["0002","3506882"],["0001","3506934"],["13906","3543157"],["14395","3544367"],["4278","3544340"],["13360","3548524"],["14401","3553532"],["14402","3548575"],["11314","3548481"]],"36 C":[["0002","3506877"],["0001","3506929"],["13906","3543152"],["14395","3544362"],["4278","3544335"],["13360","3548519"],["14401","3553527"],["14402","3548570"],["11314","3548476"]],"36 D":[["0002","3506887"],["0001","3506939"],["14395","3544372"],["4278","3544345"],["13360","3548529"],["14401","3553537"],["14402","3548580"],["11314","3548486"]],"38 C":[["0002","3506878"],["0001","3506930"],["14395","3544363"],["4278","3544336"],["13360","3548520"],["14401","3553528"],["14402","3548571"],["11314","3548477"]],"38 D":[["0002","3506888"],["0001","3506940"],["13906","3543163"],["14395","3544373"],["4278","3544346"],["13360","3548530"],["14401","3553538"],["14402","3548581"],["11314","3548487"]],"36 DD":[["0002","3506883"],["0001","3506935"],["14395","3544368"],["4278","3544341"],["13360","3548525"],["14401","3553533"],["14402","3548576"],["11314","3548482"]],"32 D":[["0002","3506885"],["0001","3506937"],["13906","3543160"],["14395","3544370"],["4278","3544343"],["13360","3548527"],["14401","3553535"],["14402","3548578"],["11314","3548484"]],"32 C":[["0002","3506875"],["0001","3506927"],["14395","3544360"],["4278","3544333"],["13360","3548517"],["14401","3553525"],["14402","3548568"],["11314","3548474"]],"32 E":[["0002","3506890"],["14401","3553540"]]}

Ta Ta Tamer II (C-E cup) 4 5 666 669
Great Bra with some issues For starters, I love this bra. I have it in multiple colors and it is highly supportive. The padded straps are super comfortable. However, until recently, I didn't have the need for the cross-strap functionality. After buying several racerback tanks, I wanted to cross the straps to allow me to wear it under them. There is NO WAY that you can do this, unless your boobs are 2 inches under your chin -- just for everyday wear, I have the straps almost fully extended. Criss-Crossing is just not possible. I have also noticed that some of the more colorful bras have bleed onto my tanks after very sweaty workouts. Very disappointing because now my tanks are ruined, because I can't get the bleeding stains out :( July 30, 2014
Comfty, Mod support, too much cleavage 1. bra is super super confortable. No underwire and no cutting in anywhere. I started wearing it during the day not just to the gym 2. MODERATE support only in my opinion. eg. wear it to play hockey and touch football and did not feel it was enough, had to keep adjusting it - ended up wearing another compression crop top over the top for adequate support (I am wearing the correct size the girls fitted me in store) Slightly better with straps crossed but then not as comfortable (and harder to put on) 3. moderate coverage - if you bend over at all (spin class, picking up weights) you just end up seeing straight through, and its not a good looking cleavage as the bra doesn't separate your assets so its monoboob cleavage. 4. sizing is pretty true OVERALL = great bra, but still wouldn't classify as high support. I would use it day to day, weight training, walking, cross trainer, but nothing too high impact. and could never wear this with a singlet top without flashing the world July 21, 2014
Great support, great bra Loved this bra. Got if for the first time a few weeks ago and wear it a lot. The colorful ones are cute under summer tanks. The one issue with this bra are that the straps are not long enough at all to criss cross, so don't buy it if you need one that criss-crosses. Also, I recommend going up one size. I'm normally a 34D and in this bra, the 36D was way better. July 19, 2014
Perfect for D-DD I just bought this bra, and love it. It felt great when I tried it on in store, but was even more pleased when I gave it a test run at the gym. I wore it to BodyPump/CXWORX, and RPM (cycling) and it never moved. It was comfortable, supportive AND looked great under my tank. I personally found this bra to be true to size. I wear a 34DD in my every day bras, and the 34DD fit very well. The only downsides to this style are that I can't wear it with thinner strap tops (which I don't wear often), and although the bra is designed to criss cross, the straps were too short for me to do so. If they came with small extenders, it would be perfect. July 19, 2014
Quality degrading recently, overall great bra I have had several of these bras and love them. They're all I run in. A few months ago, I bought 2 and after a couple months, they both, at the same time, had hooks fall apart. Now my $60 bra is only a few months old and I can't really use it anymore because it's not anywhere near as supportive as it should be. I bought some new ones, because I run all the time, but I can't return them, and I'm worried about them falling apart again after a few months. Some that I have that are older are still in good shape, it seems like there's a recent quality issue. If it was one, that would be one thing, but 2 bras that I bought on the same day fell apart on the same day a few months later. Weird. July 17, 2014
PURE AWESOMENESS LOVE IT. comfy. supportive. i am breastfeeding so i needed good support. this does the trick. and its not fugly like most sports bras. gives good shape. nice colours. breathable. got on sale for $44. money well spent. June 28, 2014
AMAZING bra for sports and day-to-day This bra is fantastic! Great support, very comfortable straps, sweat wicking and quick to get on! I love this option because I can wear it for sports and on a daily basis. It's smooth design makes it easy to wear under tshirts (I hate when regular bra outlines can be seen through shirts!). I will be getting this in multiple colours! June 27, 2014
Best Bra Ever!! I have tried many sports bras and this is by far the best one ever. I need full support and this bra does just that...Highly recommend it!! June 23, 2014
A real lifesaver... need to stock more in 38DD! I am fortunate enough to have found two of these bras in 38DD - the website seems to be almost perpetually sold out and they never have my size in store. I had the original Ta Ta Tamer and after wearing it for years it finally gave out - but these bras provide great support, are very comfortable, and they are good enough to wear to the office OR to work out. Please make more in the biggest size for us busty ladies out there! June 23, 2014
Worth the investment As a busty girl (34DD), I love this bra! It's extremely supportive and comfortable. I love that I can put it on and not worry about what I'll be doing at the gym because this bra will keep the girls in place. And, I especially love the removable cups. For reference, my everyday bra size, 34DD, fits perfectly in this style. June 20, 2014
Lululemon NA - Build Release number : OMS-PH1B.20140724.09:37 AM