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Lift & Separate IV

Getting a bra with the right support is important. If you don't love the fit, send it back - returns are on us.

why we made this

When our yoga instructor told us to lift and open our hearts, we took it seriously. We made this sports bra with four-way stretch (for the lift) and a front clasp (for the open) so that we could achieve our best in the studio. Opening the clasp is for after class, of course.

fabric + features

  • made with sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric
  • a front clasp makes it easy to slip in and out of this sports bra
  • the Mesh strap and open back help you keep your cool
  • flat seams so you don't get rubbed the wrong way
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • support: light
  • coverage: low
$54.00 USD
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{"14332":[["34 C","3547600"],["32 C","3547599"],["36 C","3547601"],["38 C","3547602"],["32 D","3547609"],["34 D","3547610"],["36 D","3547611"],["38 D","3547612"],["32 DD","3547605"],["34 DD","3547606"],["36 DD","3547607"],["38 DD","3547608"],["32 E","3547614"],["36 E","3547616"],["34 E","3547615"]],"0001":[["32 C","3542348"],["36 C","3542350"],["38 C","3542351"],["32 D","3542358"],["34 D","3542359"],["36 D","3542360"],["38 D","3542361"],["32 DD","3542354"],["34 DD","3542355"],["36 DD","3542356"],["38 DD","3542357"],["32 E","3542363"],["34 E","3542364"],["36 E","3542365"]],"14395":[["32 C","3546305"],["34 C","3546306"],["36 C","3546307"],["38 C","3546308"],["32 D","3546315"],["34 D","3546316"],["36 D","3546317"],["38 D","3546318"],["32 DD","3546311"],["34 DD","3546312"],["36 DD","3546313"],["38 DD","3546314"],["32 E","3546320"],["36 E","3546322"],["34 E","3546321"]],"0002":[["32 C","3532920"],["36 C","3532922"],["38 C","3532923"],["32 D","3532930"],["34 D","3532931"],["36 D","3532932"],["38 D","3532933"],["32 DD","3532926"],["34 DD","3532927"],["36 DD","3532928"],["38 DD","3532929"],["32 E","3532935"],["34 E","3532936"],["36 E","3532937"]],"14336":[["32 C","3544913"],["34 C","3544914"],["36 C","3544915"],["38 C","3544916"],["32 D","3544923"],["34 D","3544924"],["36 D","3544925"],["38 D","3544926"],["32 DD","3544919"],["34 DD","3544920"],["36 DD","3544921"],["38 DD","3544922"],["32 E","3544928"],["34 E","3544929"],["36 E","3544930"]]}
{"38 DD":[["0001","3542357"],["0002","3532929"],["14395","3546314"],["14332","3547608"],["14336","3544922"]],"36 E":[["0001","3542365"],["0002","3532937"],["14395","3546322"],["14332","3547616"],["14336","3544930"]],"34 E":[["0001","3542364"],["0002","3532936"],["14395","3546321"],["14332","3547615"],["14336","3544929"]],"34 D":[["0001","3542359"],["0002","3532931"],["14395","3546316"],["14332","3547610"],["14336","3544924"]],"34 C":[["14395","3546306"],["14332","3547600"],["14336","3544914"]],"32 DD":[["0001","3542354"],["0002","3532926"],["14395","3546311"],["14332","3547605"],["14336","3544919"]],"34 DD":[["0001","3542355"],["0002","3532927"],["14395","3546312"],["14332","3547606"],["14336","3544920"]],"36 C":[["0001","3542350"],["0002","3532922"],["14395","3546307"],["14332","3547601"],["14336","3544915"]],"36 D":[["0001","3542360"],["0002","3532932"],["14395","3546317"],["14332","3547611"],["14336","3544925"]],"38 C":[["0001","3542351"],["0002","3532923"],["14395","3546308"],["14332","3547602"],["14336","3544916"]],"38 D":[["0001","3542361"],["0002","3532933"],["14395","3546318"],["14332","3547612"],["14336","3544926"]],"36 DD":[["0001","3542356"],["0002","3532928"],["14395","3546313"],["14332","3547607"],["14336","3544921"]],"32 D":[["0001","3542358"],["0002","3532930"],["14395","3546315"],["14332","3547609"],["14336","3544923"]],"32 C":[["0001","3542348"],["0002","3532920"],["14395","3546305"],["14332","3547599"],["14336","3544913"]],"32 E":[["0001","3542363"],["0002","3532935"],["14395","3546320"],["14332","3547614"],["14336","3544928"]]}

Lift & Separate IV 3.9 5 52 52
Great quality, if only there was some more fabric! As with all Lulu items, I keep coming back for the excellent quality. This bra is breathable and feels light. However...the sizing is not quite accurate, and the garment itself really has little coverage. I originally ordered a 34DD (my normal bra sizing) and found the band normal but the cups too small. I returned it and re-ordered in a size 34E. The cup size up fits better, but I just WISH they provided a tiny bit more coverage in the front! One wrong or sudden move, and I'm going to have a wardrobe malfunction. This bra DOES lift and separate really nicely and is really cute; if only there was better coverage to hold everything in, I'd buy more. It is truly stated that it has low coverage. Probably a better bra for smaller cup sizes. July 19, 2014
Painful and broken clasps I love all of Lulu items and I have been wearing it for over 10 years. I never had any issues with any of the clothing except for this bra. I love this bra and have 4 of the previous version with the all plastic clasps. Once they became available again with the new clasps, I ordered 3. The first issue was that one of the clasps broke after wearing it a couple of times. I was able to return it back to the store for a full refund since they do not have this available in my local store. Kudos for great customer service! The second issue was that the clasps, after each wear (of the 2 remaining bras), had rubbed my skin off. Only after wearing it for the first time, the skin area where the clasps touched was rubbed off. I thought it was me but both of the bras did the same thing. The first one I bought did not do that and the older versions did not do this either. I have the right size and everything fit perfectly or so I thought. I am so disappointed in this bra since this was an all-time favorite bra of mine and I have waited patiently for it to come back. July 17, 2014
Yes yes and more yes I took the advice from previous posters and went with a larger cup size but kept the rib measurement the same as my old bras. I am a 36 c and bought the 36 d which is perfect. For comparison I am 5"11 and weigh 155lb. I love EVERYTHING about the design and the bra, would absolutely buy another one and would wear it running, feels supportive enough to me! Bust uniboob with this awesome bra! July 2, 2014
Fits a 34b/c cup (ordered 34c) Very comfortable bra! Fits very well and the front clasp doesn't dig into your skin. Good staple item in your wardrobe and much preferred over a regular sports bra for racer back tanks. June 25, 2014
More than what I expected First a important disclaimer. I am a male writing this review. I generally don't write reviews but felt compelled to write this one. Thank you for all the previous reviews. They were very helpful for me. My wife is a very beautiful woman and I love her dearly. She is petite and curvy on the lower side and does have to work very hard to keep her weight in check (probably not a true Lululemon type customer). Her workouts are low to medium impact and I was hoping that I could find something more flattering for her in terms of her workout outfit. For the ladies out there, research does show that appropriate outfit can motivate you to a more productive workout. BTW, this also turn out to me my first inner garment purchase for her. With no clue on sizes, I made a educated guess of getting a 36 C (I think she normally wears 36 B/C) in the purple/white color. It was perfect ! She just loved it- I loved it . I do not know if she would need a warm up to get her heart rate in the zone wearing this outfit, but for me just looking at her in the outfit would do the trick. There is no way for me to know but I do hope that it provides her the support she needs for her workout. Pluses- I am not a Victoria secret fan but I think this bra brings the sports and lingerie together. Just a beautiful design and material, pictures truly reflects the true purple color. As I understand, moving to the metal clip from plastic makes it look very rich. I can not speak for others but the bra does have a great appeal and may be more appropriate for basement workout because of the low coverage (I am not complaining). Unless you are very bold, I would recommend wearing a tee over the outfit for outdoor activity. Minus - None really but here is one for the e-commerce dept of Lulu. Based on my shopping experience I have a suggestion for you and I do hope you take it seriously. It will help your sales big time. You have pictures of a lot of models on your site in different outfit. They help in decision making but you can take it a step further. For each out fit the model is wearing include the actual size of the outfit on the model. Also provide all the relevant stats of the model herself and do this for every model and garment. For example for the lift and separate you can include the following info for the model wearing the purple bra Size measurement of the bra on the model eg 34C with cups, etc Measurement of the model - Chest, bust, height, waist, hip, etc Also, for the future, include models of different body types People do appreciate real world, every day people. This one small tweak to your webpage and your sales will skyrocket. Buying becomes a breeze for your customers and your bottom line will start rising ( ( pun intended- I am talking about the company stock price) June 25, 2014
Finally a sexy sports bra This bra is so flattering! I love the front clasp and separate cups--no squishing! I read a lot of the reviews ahead of time so that I could choose a size to try that would possibly be close since it's not available in stores and I didn't want to have to bother with returns. It definitely runs small. I am a 32b (by measurement and in all bras other than Lulu bras which tend to run small) and the 34c is my size in this bra. So, b-cup gals, try it, it may fit you even though it says it's for c-cups! June 19, 2014
Please make this for flat chests! I love the look and colors of this bra. Can you make one to fit A cup girls?!! It's hard to find front close bras for us! June 15, 2014
I absolutely love this bra. I have the black one and the white one. I love the fit and style however I'm very disappointed in the quality of the clasp. I had my white one all of three weeks only to have the clasp break on me. Not impressed. Lululemon clearly did not quality control the clasps. Fix the clasp and I will buy more but not until then!! I've since returned the bra at the store but it doesn't help me as I know longer can order the white online. June 13, 2014
HolyWow - Sexiest BraTop EVAHHHHHHH I was a little worried about this top - it is super pretty/sexy, and that typically means NOT functional. But this bra stood up to back to back supersweaty Bikram classes and did not budge. And I did not bulge! I was mildly worried that in backbending the front closure might fly open, but it was extremely secure. My only nitpick, the shoulder straps are a little bit tight, but once I zoned out in practice I didn't notice. But seriously ... this bra is a showstopper. GORGEOUS! For sizing I am a 36D and the sizing was true for me. June 10, 2014
Breast Lift Surgery In A Bra!! Best Bra Eveh!! It really does Lift. It really does separate. No more just squish them to chest in that unflattering shapeless..compression "shape". That does not work for us who do not have implants. This design is bless us with a BATHING SUIT VERSION... June 3, 2014
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