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Flow Y Bra IV

Our signature four-way stretch fabric is sweat-wicking and cottony soft - we love this high-performance fabric for its serious stretch and recovery
Lightweight, stretchy and moisture-wicking, this fabric holds you in and breathes at the same time, making it perfect for all kinds of sweaty business.

Getting a bra with the right support is important. If you don't love the fit, send it back - returns are on us.

why we made this

Simplicity is a beautiful thing. We made this racerback bra because we wanted a timeless classic that works under any tank, for every activity. A sweat-wicking liner and Mesh fabric in strategic places let us blow off steam when we're bringing the heat.

fabric + features

  • cottony-soft Luon® fabric is engineered for serious stretch and recovery
  • this technical fabric is sweat-wicking and four-way stretch
  • added LYCRA® fibre moves with you and holds its shape
  • lightweight Mesh panels are placed in high-sweat areas for added breathability
  • thin straps allow you to move and twist with ease
  • chafe-resistant elastic band under the bust provides support where you need it
  • designed with pockets for removable cups
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: yoga
  • fabric(s):
  • support: light
  • coverage: low
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$42.00 USD
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Flow Y Bra IV 4 5 731 733
A Different Bra? I love the Flow Y bra for doing Pilates, as it provides ample coverage for the girls (for reference I am a 34D but have a wide upper rib cage) but is not constricting as a high impact bra. I used to have a few and found that my bra size had increased, so off I went to go bra shopping. What I've realized is that every woman is built differently, and though you may share the same cup size and band width, there are different nuances to your body that will cause one person to hate a bra and another person to love it. I don't know what they did to the new Flow Y's, but I love them more than my old ones. My old ones were cotton, and that was fine, but I bought two that were stretchy synthetic, and I found that hugged my chest more comfortably and were a bit cooler. I found there was ample coverage up top and felt comfortable and light support. I can imagine if you are broad shouldered or have a wide ribcage that this would be a tad big (or you would need to size down). I really love the redesign of the bra, as the other light support bras tend to need at least an inch more of fabric, as I'm not a fan of showing my cleavage to the world when practicing Pilates. April 7, 2015
Stitching coming apart I have always loved the look and fit of the flow y bra on me and have one in the pizzazz orange colour, one in the love red, and one in a deep blue. I ordered a lighter blue one and in less than 3 wears, the lower stitching all across the band of the bra was coming out.... I have never had this problem with any of the other bras and it's a shame because the one I ordered is in my favourite colour. :( April 5, 2015
Bit tight I love this bra, especially the mesh in the back where I sweat the most. The only thing is that the band on the bottom is a bit tight and the sides of my chest aches after wearing it fit long periods of time. April 4, 2015
I enjoy it better than the energy bra. I own three energy bras that I love. I was about to order a fourth but decided to try something new. I ordered the Flow Y in the same size as the energy bra (size 6). It fits amazing and is more comfortable than the energy bra -- as it is not as tight around my armpits. For reference: I wear a 32DD in Victoria Secret and a 6 fits well. April 3, 2015
Not a fan of the Flow Y IV love the flow y bra, but I don't like the changes made to it's *IV* version. I am usually a size 8, but since I've bought this style before I know that I need a 6 because I prefer the tighter fit on this particular style. However on purchase/receiving of it, I found that the straps are a whole 1 inch longer! ( I measured against a previous flow y bra and the *IV* one that I ordered). So although with my older bra, the less coverage with the size 6 would be fine since the straps compensate to keep things up and loaded, with the new length on the straps, not only was the bra coverage smaller (obviously a given) but the straps didnt lend to keep things up and loaded :P. Love this bra but due to this change it's enough to make me really not like it :( April 2, 2015
A Trusty Fave I like the way that the straps at the back don't cross the shoulder blades. A minimal design that is functional and comfortable. Also am waiting for some brighter colours with a darker shelf liner as I like to leave the cups at the store. The current lighter shades are a bit see through. I'm between a 6 and an 8 (34B) and have found the 8's more comfortable. March 28, 2015
BE CAREFUL when Selecting a Size! I love this bra, but I take some issues with it---mostly because of the sizing. I have a Flow Y that I purchased a while ago, but I never wear it. I purchased it in a size 8, which fit fine in the store (the sales rep even told me that 8 is "definitely my size" and that I look "way too small" for a 10). It fit a little snug in the store, but was not uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it DID NOT fit when I tried to work out in it. I had read some of the reviews mentioning the bra stretches out, so I figured that the slightly-too-tight straps wouldn't be an issue once I started wearing it. I was sooooo wrong. I wore this bra for a hike (not even a high intensity activity) and, by the end of the hike, the straps had rubbed my shoulders raw. I'm pretty built and have lats and traps, but I was not expecting this to happen. It was so bad that my husband even commented on how red and uncomfortable the chafing looked, and asked if I wanted to go home early (I didn't). This was the worst that any bra has ever chafed/rubbed/strangled me. By the end of the day, I had two huge red marks (one on each trap), and I was dying to take the bra off. Since that day, it has sat at the bottom of my sports bra drawer, collecting dust. I now own another flow y bra in a size 10 (I made VERY SURE to wear it for a while in the store before purchasing), and it has become apparent to me that this is a sizing issue. I love my size 10 bra. I got it in the inkwell prism color way, and it's gorgeous and fits me perfectly. It's not quite as compressive as I would like a bra to be for a WOD or any type of HIIT (I don't think it could handle jump squats, rope/med ball slams, or KB swings very well), so I wear it for hiking, walking, errands, etc. I like it for those activities, and consider the money that I paid for the (size 10) bra to be money well spent. No issue there. I do, however, take issue with the insane Lulu return policy. I'm now stuck with a $42 bra that I have no intention of ever wearing again. Needless to say, I am super disappointed. In my opinion, if we are paying this much for workout gear, we should have the option of trying it out and then returning it. All the competing big athletic-wear brands allow for customers to test their gear and THEN decide if it's worth the investment. I honestly feel now that, whenever I buy a Lulu item, I am taking a (pricey) gamble. This is an issue even with Lulu items that I already own and am familiar with, due to the lack of consistent sizing and the quality control issues (I'm thinking of the speed shorts, which seem to be sized differently every time I buy a new pair). Please consider allowing customers to TEST the gear first! Back to the Flow Y: to be clear, I like the bra, but because of the situation and the customer service, I'm giving it 3 stars. For size referencing: I wear a 36B/34C in VS, an 8 in the energy bra, and a 10 in the free to be wild. A size 8 in the Flow Y fits, but the shoulder straps are very uncomfortable. 10 fits, but is not compressive. March 27, 2015
great for everyday and the gym Excellent everyday bra from work to gym. I wear this bra every time at the gym for lifting and it provides support and comfort. It's great for benching because my shoulder blades are free. One thing I don't like is the straps will keep flipping when you move. Would be great if the straps stayed in place. I went a size down for this bra. It's my favourite lululemon bra and I highly recommend! March 21, 2015
Simple and my favorite Hands down my favorite sports bra. I basically live in them. I wear to yoga, gym, running, lounging - anywhere! I have a couple and wear them often and wash them with care and they still look good as new. You can move easily in it and it keeps you dry. Nice and simple design, will go with anything! March 17, 2015
LOVE THIS I am an avid crossfitter and coach and this is my all time favorite bra. Usually wear a 6 or 8 in bras and this one is true to size. I like the cut MUCH better than the energy bra, especially for a more athletic build. I am 5ft 7 138lbs and I have both 6's and 8's. the 6's are just a little tighter but the 8's are more comfortable. March 10, 2015