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Om For All Bag

why we made this

We were inspired by the Three Musketeers when we designed this structured bag to get our goodies through the day. Plenty of functional pockets, durable material and comfy, padded shoulder straps make going from morning workouts to evening hangouts a breeze. One (bag) for all, indeed!

fabric + features

  • durable polyurethane material is locker-room friendly and easy to wipe clean
  • exterior shoe compartment has Mesh grommets for ventilation and pulls out for easy cleaning
  • padded handles for comfort
  • exterior, quick-access pocket fits your phone
  • interior padded pocket fits a 15" (38cm) laptop
  • tested to hold 50lbs (22kg)
  • imported

fit + function

  • designed for: to-and-from
  • fabric(s): polyurethane
  • dimensions: 17" x 8" x 14" (43cm x 20cm x 36cm)
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$118.00 USD
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Om For All Bag 3.7 5 36 36
Strappy Disappointment I really wanted love this bag. It is beautifully made, and I could fit my mac 13" pro book, but not my Dell 14 inch in this bag. No worries about that, that's not the issue. I do like the compartments, the extra bag that comes with it to put my dirty work out clothes, and the bottom zipper where I could put extra last minutes things. The side pocket for the mobile phone is great to grab, so I'm not fishing for it. My problem are these darn straps. Like other reviewers, it kept on falling off. I travel a lot, so I found myself, stopping and fixing the bag so it won't keep falling off my shoulders. I don't know if it's the material of the handles why they keep on popping off, but it was very annoying. Now if you travel to and from work out, or a quick trip to put your stuff, the bag serves its function. Would I buy another bag like this make, probably not. The details (stitching, zipper, etc.) made very well. I almost found myself holding this bag like a big clutch! April 21, 2014
Great purchase! This is the first Lulu purchase I have been compelled to write about, and I'm happy to say that it is a positive review. I had been waiting for Lulu to come out with a fun and different bag since I decided I would finally bite the bullet and splurge on myself. When I saw this fun and funky bag (silver and gold), I immediately bought it, hoping it wasn't a cringeworthy purchase. The bag did not disappoint! I don't even think the picture does it justice. The material, while not leather, is soft and supple and very movable. The interior of the bag is lined in a pretty periwinkle color and extremely spacious. There are lots of compartments and and space for all of my belongings, before and after the gym. My favorite part is the handles. They are very wide and comfortable on the shoulder, unlike the blue version my friend has where she constantly complains about the handles. My ONLY complaint about the bag, and the reason I can't do all five stars, is the piping. It seems very fragile. I have only carried it three times since buying it, and today after leaving the gym, I noticed that the piping on the bottom corners is already nicked and peeling in two places. I think the material is so soft that I am going to need to be very careful when putting it in and out of a locker. I suppose since it doesn't crackle and and have bad handles as stated by some of the other reviews with the various colors, I shouldn't complain too much. I may invest in a silver sharpie for the wear and tear of the bottom. I am still happy with my purchase, and my friend who has the blue one said she was jealous of mine ;) April 19, 2014
new carryall For starters, those who have complained and even attached pictures of the almost immediate crackle and wear, you almost convinced me to skip the bag. Upon visiting one of my local lulus though, I picked up the bag and longingly looked at it, voicing my worry over the cracking and bending to a sales associate and how it was too bad because I really liked it. He pointed that this bag (the silver with gold handles) was different material than other versions that are a harder, less flexible material. He brought a black one over for me to compare and I immediately understood what he meant. The crackling and wear is more prone to happen with the pleather looking material lulu has used with bags they made in other colors, but the silver and gold is almost entirely different, so I knew it wouldn't do the same. So, I bought it. I'm super, super picky about the form and function of my bags (to the point where a lot of high-end designers aren't even worth the expenditure for me because, yes, the bags are cute and trendy, but they're useless in terms of function, and useful bags are often ugly...what a predicament!) and want to address the "issues" with the overly thick straps girls can't seem to keep on their shoulder. I have broad shoulders, so maybe that's why the bag stays on mine. Second, I put a LOT in this bag (a 9x10 spiral planner, iPad in a padded sleeve, a 1.5L water bottle, 14oz water bottle for my daughter, wipes, snacks, large wallet, paperback book, sunglass and cosmetic cases, sunscreen, and any other random things I'll need for a day out) and the straps help absorb the weight somehow. In other words, my shoulder doesn't ache after carrying it a while- it's actually really comfortable BECAUSE the straps are thick and sort of cushioned, even. When I don't need my jacket or vinyasa scarf, the length of the straps let me drape them over the bag without having the bag squished under my armpit from the fluffery of the jackets. The added pockets on the outside help keep my phone and keys in reach, and I haven't even really needed the bottom zip pocket intended for shoes (but come summer, that baby will be full, too!) I was concerned about the zipper being a little annoying to get to my things, but it easily maneuvers for me to access things quickly. The bag inside for stinky clothes is ideal for my daughter's water bottle that sometimes leaks. The mesh pockets inside give me easy access to sunscreen, gum and my nuun hydration tablets I carry, without them getting lost in the abyss of the bottom. The strap for a yoga mat will probably instead be used for a towel in the summer, as I prefer reformer Pilates and barre over yoga and don't own a mat. Seriously, my favorite bag to date. I have an Athleta bag I thought I would love, but rarely use it, mainly because of the strap issue. It's just hard to get those right, I guess. Leave it to lulu to, again, think everything through when in the design process. This is probably the best baby bag that isn't a baby bag that moms don't know about. I don't think, though, that I could say the same had I gotten a bag that was the tougher material. April 17, 2014
not as durable as advertised Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Lululemon. I love this bag. I was so excited to have a bag that fit my laptop and workout cloths. The bag is super cute (I have the Army green) and it fit everything great! The description says it was tested to hold 50lbs. This is NOT true. I only carried my macbook pro, agenda and workout cloths (usually a pair of leggings and a top) and the seams at the handles are already torn apart! I've only had this bag for 2 months since I bought it for my birthday so you can understand my disappointment. April 15, 2014
So Impressed Lulu! So I'll start off by saying I started out very skeptical with this bag, but I took a leap of faith and I'm so glad I did! I bought the first version Lulu came out with, the all over plastic, canvasy textured bag. I can't say anything about the new, softer material with the little perforations. From what I can see in the photos and in store, it doesn't seem to hold it's shape as well and I suspect it won't hold up to wear as well. BUT, the version I got is absolutely fabulous. I've put it through 2.5 months of daily, vigorous use. To school, work, the gym, etc all on public transit through the gritty wet Canadian winter. And the only sign this bag isn't brand new is minimal scuffing on the bottom corners of the piping. That's it guys! I've tested the weight capacity of this bag to the max too, toting enough around to make my shoulder sore after a long day, but the straps don't look a day old, not a single stitch has popped. Pros: -The straps do an amazing job of distributing the weight of the bag comfortably on your shoulder - 25kg can feel as light as air. - I don't have a problem with the straps falling down, especially using the one over trick another reviewer said. - The amount of space in this bag is endless. Just endless, if determined I could pack enough for a whole week trip using this bag. - The 2 outside + 4 pockets inside are super useful, they're all in daily use. - The extra drawstring bag and yoga mat are great quality. - I'm petite. The bag is oversized, but doesn't look comical Cons - I wish there was a water bottle holder, but maybe the design of this bag prohibited that? - The side sleeve for a laptop doesn't really work. I have a 13" air, and it's a crazy tight fit with it's sleeve on. It can slide in fine without it but the noise it makes sliding over the outside metal zipper teeth makes me cringe.. I just put it in the main compartment. - The shoe compartment is something I'm on the fence with, it's a little hard to use but on the other hand if it had a solid compartment it would be taking up space when not in use - and I wouldn't be into that at all. All in all, so worth the price tag! Just make sure you pay attention to the photos and purchase the right one! Yay Lulu :) April 14, 2014
EHHH it's alright When I saw the bag in black online I bought it immediately. I absolutely loved it! It is classy, yet super functional. I use it when I go to spin class, to the gym, as an overnight bag, and even to class. The only issue I have is that my 15" Macbook does NOT fit in the laptop compartment. One of the main reasons I purchased the bag is because in the description it says that a 15" laptop would fit, and there are very few totes that have room for a laptop that is over 13". I was so mad when I tried to fit it into the compartment that I almost returned it to my local lululemon, but I ultimately decided to just put the laptop in its sleeve and stick in in the middle compartment which works fine. If you are buying it just because you think finally your laptop will fit in a tote, don't!! April 8, 2014
Poor customer service, straps awful Was teetering on whether or not to buy this bag---was hesitant, and sales rep insisted I should try it, and could return it any time and not to worry about the "return by date" because "we really want you to be happy, and always want to hear customers feedback, you can bring it back any time." So I tried it for a few weeks, well I TRIED to try it, but it doesnt stay on my shoulder. The straps are far too big/wide. I was constantly pulling the bag straps back on my shoulder. I thought maybe they just needed to loosed up because they are so stiff. I went to return the bag, 3 days after the "return by date" as I was away on travel, and couldn't get any help.I just wanted to exchange it for a different bag or get store credit-- I spend hundreds of dollars there every month-- but no luck and no help. I was just really disappointed to be told one thing, and experience another. April 1, 2014
LOVE I've gotten so many compliments on this bag. Many think it's actually a purse! I was apprehensive to purchase it because of the issue with the straps, but the previous reviewer's comment on crossing them over has worked for me. I'm pleased with the amount of space in the bang! Love it so far! April 1, 2014
Bag I have had this bag for two weeks, if that, and it is already starting to fray and scuff on all four edges. I am very dissapointed in the quality of the bag for the price I paid. April 1, 2014
In Love!! I absolutely love this bag. It is beautiful and it makes me want to pack my gym clothes and go somewhere.... anywhere. Pros: - Opens wide. I had a previous Lulu bag I stopped carrying b/c I got too annoyed every time I tried to shove my shoes or blow dyer in it. This one I can fully open and see everything in the bag. - Beautiful - Doesn't have to be a gym bag. Would be a great carry-on or diaper bag. - Great storage on sides of bag (in and out) - Easy to clean exterior Cons: - I don't like the shoe area under the bag. It is too difficult to put shoes in it when you have a full bag. I just leave it empty and put my shoes in the provided drawstring bag. Goes either way: - Bag is slightly smaller than I need for everything. Not sure if that is good or bad b/c I've found a way to carry a few less items which means less weight. I used the previous suggestions on the strap and haven't had any issues with it. I also don't know what the fabric straps in the bag were for. March 27, 2014