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Stories, videos and interviews that give a behind-the-scenes look at the individuals who make up our collective.

Mexico City is Voguing

Jun 23, 2017

by Alicia-Rae Olafsson

Meet the House of Apocalipstick—a vogue collective based in Mexico City—and find out how dancing helps them find the truest expression of themselves, and to let go of all inhibitions.

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LoveYourBrain: The Film

Mar 06, 2017

by Alex Gravel

LoveYourBrain is the story of two brothers who are building a yoga-based community where people affected by traumatic brain injuries can accept themselves exactly as they are.

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Get to Know Ryan Leier

Feb 03, 2016

by Jasmine Pahl

Ryan Leier is a man with a past. Though it’s hard for us to imagine a time when he wasn’t on the mat, Ryan’s journey began as a record-breaking, semi-professional athlete. Read on as he tells us how an enticing offer from a rock star buddy brought him full circle.

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Yoga, Meditation and Pottery

Feb 15, 2016

by Lara  Zilibowitz

Lara Zilibowitz lived two very different lives for many years. Practicing yoga was a longstanding passion, as were senior roles she held in the magazine world. When she gave up her corporate gig last year, Lara found herself immersed in a surprising new world of creative expression.

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Finding Her Voice

Dec 27, 2016

by Marika McKenzie

Why, before soprano Layla Claire makes a sound in practice or performance, she gets on her mat.

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5 Minutes With Gabrielle Bernstein

Jun 26, 2014

by Erin Motz

Those of us who are familiar with her know Gabby Bernstein as a super high-energy motivational speaker and author. So before I met her at Wanderlust in Stratton, Vermont, I expected a pretty intense, firecracker of a woman. Turns out, she’s pretty mellow off the stage and fully embodies her message.

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Get to Know Paige Elenson

Oct 11, 2016

by Cayley Thiessen

It takes guts, vision and heart to move across the world and build a non-profit. Luckily Paige Elenson, co-founder and executive director of Africa Yoga Project, has those qualities in spades.

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Kevin Pearce Puts Mind Over Matter

Sep 20, 2016

by Kate MacLennan

How ex-pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce is turning a traumatic brain injury on its head.

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