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We’re The Neighbours: Bondi Beach, Sydney

Jan 12, 2017

by Elle Glass

What we discovered when we opened our first ever concept store in one of the world’s busiest holiday destinations.

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We’re The Neighbours: Las Vegas, Nevada

Jul 18, 2017

by Andrea Marcum

Our new Las Vegas store enjoys the sass and spirit Sin City is renowned for, alongside a plethora of mindful alternatives. Here’s our guide to finding mindfulness on The Strip and hitting the jackpot on your next visit.

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Introducing the Boys of Yoga

Apr 08, 2015

by Alicia-Rae Olafsson

These six young, fit guys could pass for any group of friends, cracking jokes, heading for a burger after sweating it out on the field or in the court. But they’re coming from a different practice than you might assume – yoga.

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Yoga in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Mar 07, 2016

by Deborah Livingstone

On an intrepid yoga retreat in the middle of the Gobi Desert, one yogi discovered there’s much, much more to the unforgettable landscape than meets the eye.

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Six Meditation Apps To Try Now

Apr 21, 2016

by Alicia-Rae Olafsson

Whether it's taking a mid-day break at work or looking for something to help get some sleep, we've done the work and tested out six apps that cater to all meditation styles from beginners to experts.

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Naked Yoga

Apr 19, 2016

by Andrea Marcum

Little brings us so face to face with our bare essence as yoga.

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Find True East

Mar 18, 2016

by Andrea Marcum

Vibrant and intriguing, the UAE is a nation where many cultures co-exist, various religions are practiced, the ultra-modern lives beside deeply steeped tradition and a fast-growing yoga community is thriving.

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The Flight Before Christmas

Dec 18, 2016

by Andrea Marcum

These 10 tips for mindful movement will silence any inner Scrooge and make holiday travel that much brighter.

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We Read You: Perfectly Imperfect by Baron Baptiste

Jun 01, 2016

by Kate MacLennan

When digging into yogi Baron Baptiste’s latest book, Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga, be prepared for the unexpected.

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What is Baptiste Yoga?

Oct 17, 2016

by Cayley Thiessen

It took twelve days in Kenya to discover that the physical postures are only one part in the equation. Read on to learn what makes this practice so special.

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Eoin Finn's Eco Karma Project

Jun 03, 2016

by Sarah  Harvison

Through his Eco Karma project, global yoga ambassador Eoin Finn deep dives into the inextricable connection between the ocean and every person on Earth.

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Behind the Seams: Colorado River

Jul 26, 2016

by Marika McKenzie

Ambassadors brave mosquitos and themselves to explore vulnerability on a photoshoot in the wild.

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Is Collagen the Secret to a Stronger Body?

Sep 30, 2016

by Chloe  Berge

Yogi and chiropractic doctor Genieve Burley suffered from debilitating knee pain until she started a natural, holistic treatment. Could collagen be the key to training recovery?

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Africa Yoga Project

Sep 20, 2016

by Alison Murphy

Get to know the first global partner of our Here to Be program, Africa Yoga Project.

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We’re The Neighbours: Spitalfields, London

Sep 13, 2016

by Annie  Clarke

We’re open in Spitalfields Market, London. This area—known as East London—is rich in character, things to do and places to see. Local Annie Clarke of Mind Body Bowl shares her favourites.

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