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It’s more than just black stretchy pants—learn more about how our products aim to transform the way you sweat.

The Piece: Non-Stop Bomber

Feb 09, 2017

by Jasmine Pahl

Blossom-light and crazy versatile, the reversible Non-Stop Bomber is a piece that will romance you all spring.

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The Flip Side of Fiji

Jan 31, 2017

by Alicia-Rae Olafsson

Ditch the fly-and-flop holiday for these five active adventures in the Fijian Islands.

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Pack &go

Sep 21, 2014

by Elim Chu

In July I took a two-day business trip to New York City. Travel isn’t as glamorous as it once was; layovers, line-ups, lost luggage—not to mention luggage fees. There are many reasons to carry-on.

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Ride Inside &go

Oct 22, 2014

by Carlee Wallace

Life can move fast and furious. Nobody has the time to run home to change outfits three times a day. So why not wear clothing that can handle your pace? From a morning sweat session to the office and then out for dinner, &go has your back with wrinkle-resistant, breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics that keep you looking stylish and feeling fresh. Here’s how:

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Energy Bra Makes History Exhibit

Aug 09, 2016

by Rebecca  Tay

Why one of our most beloved bras is on display amongst 18th century corsets and modern lingerie in Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

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5 Tips for Everyday Dressing

Jan 26, 2015

by Elim Chu

We are creatures of habit. There’s comfort in routine and the ability to be on autopilot for a few tasks each day. But what if the logistics of your daily routine—dressing for it—is literally weighing you down?

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The Piece: Men's Einn Shell Jacket

Oct 14, 2016

by Marika McKenzie

We can’t guarantee this jacket will knock seconds off your per-kilometre time, but it’s sure to get you trying, no matter the weather.

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