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It’s more than just black stretchy pants—learn more about how our products aim to transform the way you sweat.

The Piece: Packable Run Collection

Jun 27, 2017

by Jasmine Pahl

Hasta la vista, 2pm slump. Meet the packable run kit that makes noon-hour runs a reality.

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The Piece: Metal Vent Tech Surge

May 23, 2017

by Kristen Mohror

As the long anticipated summer season approaches, with it comes the Metal Vent Tech Surge. Encouraging you to get after it as the weather heats up, this functional piece is perfect for high intensity workouts when you need to stay cool.

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More Than Miles

Jun 29, 2016

by lululemon athletica

Not all of us run to beat our last pace or win our next race. Find out what makes the rest of us lace up and get out there.

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The Piece: Men's Einn Shell Jacket

Oct 14, 2016

by Marika McKenzie

We can’t guarantee this jacket will knock seconds off your per-kilometre time, but it’s sure to get you trying, no matter the weather.

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