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The Local

May 04, 2017

by Alex Gravel

Discover Montreal’s unique new store. Located in the Mile End, The Local is a special boutique-concept that was specifically created for runners.

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We’re The Neighbours: Bondi Beach, Sydney

Jan 12, 2017

by Elle Glass

What we discovered when we opened our first ever concept store in one of the world’s busiest holiday destinations.

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lululemon + Strava: Your Goals Are Showing

Jan 02, 2017

by Marika McKenzie

We’ve teamed up with Strava, the social network for athletes, to set your January up strong.

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Runners Who Own The Cold, Own Their Cities

Dec 06, 2016

by Julia Montague

With more and more runners taking back their city streets from winter’s icy grip, the genesis of cold run crews is upon us.

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Behind The Seams NYC

May 03, 2016

by Kate MacLennan

Founder of SERENE Social Millana Snow on rooftop yoga, transformations and what’s next for the wellness community she has created.

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World Marathon Challenge

Apr 11, 2016

by Kate MacLennan

If seven marathons on seven continents in seven consecutive days sounds baffling, that’s because it is—mentally, physically and logistically. As she gears up to run her 16th Boston Marathon next week, we talked to our Natick, Massachusetts ambassador Becca Becca about what it took to set records at the 2016 World Marathon Challenge.

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5 To Follow: Pace Beavers

Jun 03, 2016

by Kate MacLennan

Want inspiration to keep running? Look no further than the Instagram accounts of these five SeaWheeze 2016 pace beavers.

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O2X Summit Challenge

Oct 24, 2014

by Mike Berard

Contrary to ’80s movie wisdom, sometimes you don’t need to build it for people to come. “The word used most by people to describe our race is ‘gritty” says O2X co-founder Adam La Reau. “Nothing is man-made on the entire course.”

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LA Night Run Crews

Mar 11, 2016

by Jennie Nunn

Running has been synonymous with Los Angeles for decades thanks to sunny weather and mild temps, manicured beach pathways lined with palm trees (think The Strand that stretches 35 kilometres from Pacific Palisades to Torrance), and canyons ideal for year-round hill, speed, and interval training. Yet there was a time when the thought of a night run through the streets of LA would have been uninspiring at best, intimidating at worst. A group of dedicated runners are changing that thinking.

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A Change of Pace

Aug 09, 2016

by Alicia-Rae Olafsson

Two young entrepreneurs are redefining island time as they spur social change in Puerto Rico through the SweatLife.

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Every-Minute-on-the-Minute Strength Training for Runners

Aug 03, 2016

by Chloe  Berge

Build 360-degree power with these five exercises to create balance in your body.

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Is Collagen the Secret to a Stronger Body?

Sep 30, 2016

by Chloe  Berge

Yogi and chiropractic doctor Genieve Burley suffered from debilitating knee pain until she started a natural, holistic treatment. Could collagen be the key to training recovery?

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