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Ride Inside &go

Oct 22, 2014

by Carlee Wallace

Life can move fast and furious. Nobody has the time to run home to change outfits three times a day. So why not wear clothing that can handle your pace? From a morning sweat session to the office and then out for dinner, &go has your back with wrinkle-resistant, breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics that keep you looking stylish and feeling fresh. Here’s how:

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Changing Gears

Jul 05, 2016

by Cayley Thiessen

Evelyn Stevens had no idea what she was getting into when she quit her Wall Street job to become a professional cyclist. Then she found a great mentor.

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The Grand Scheme

Jul 12, 2016

by Cayley Thiessen

American pro cyclist Taylor Phinney has some serious questions. What does it mean to be an athlete? Where does he fit in the world of cycling? What is success? We joined him on a road trip to look for some answers.

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Five Minutes with Tory Nyhaug

Jul 19, 2016

by Megan  Clark

How BMX racer, Tory Nyhaug, finds success between fast laps and relaxing moments.

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Taylor and Davis Phinney: The Art of Letting Go

Jun 09, 2015

by Tatiana Jovic

If the thought of stepping into the home of an Olympian is daunting, imagine stepping into the home of three. The Phinney family home, however, couldn’t be further from a relentless, competitive environment that one might associate with the world’s top athletes. It’s surprisingly quiet and calm energy pervades each room. The secret to Davis, Connie and Taylor’s winning mentality, it turns out, is knowing how –and when – to let go.

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The Piece: Men's Einn Shell Jacket

Oct 14, 2016

by Marika McKenzie

We can’t guarantee this jacket will knock seconds off your per-kilometre time, but it’s sure to get you trying, no matter the weather.

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