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The Great Wall Marathon

May 08, 2014

by Alicia-Rae Olafsson

For some people, just seeing the Great Wall of China warrants a check off life’s bucket list. For 2,500 others each year, including our ambassador Joe Rios, ticking it off the list means they conquer 5,164 steps of one of the greatest human engineered structures in history in less than eight hours.

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Big Wave Surfer: Jamie Sterling

Apr 23, 2015

by Stuart Cornuelle

Surfers, as the story goes, are pretty carefree. Laidback. Maybe a bit aimless, even. No one ever told that story to Jamie Sterling.

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5 Minutes with Matcha Monarch Sarah Holloway

Oct 24, 2016

by Ella  Barba

How ballerina-turned-lawyer-turned-matcha merchant Sarah Holloway created a life she loves.

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Take A Leap with Melvin Echard

Nov 17, 2016

by Alyson Strike

We’ve all been there—questioning our choices in life, assessing the future, and envisioning the moments we might miss if we don’t take a leap. Melvin Echard, a former Smithson Valley and Texas A&M champion jumper, felt just this.

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Taylor and Davis Phinney: The Art of Letting Go

Jun 09, 2015

by Tatiana Jovic

If the thought of stepping into the home of an Olympian is daunting, imagine stepping into the home of three. The Phinney family home, however, couldn’t be further from a relentless, competitive environment that one might associate with the world’s top athletes. It’s surprisingly quiet and calm energy pervades each room. The secret to Davis, Connie and Taylor’s winning mentality, it turns out, is knowing how –and when – to let go.

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Behind The Lens: Full Moon Film

Oct 04, 2016

by Kate MacLennan

We turn the camera on Ben Webb, principal cinematographer for the snowboarding film Full Moon.

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