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Stories, videos and interviews that give a behind-the-scenes look at the individuals who make up our collective.

Be You, Bravely with Stephanie Labbé

Jul 28, 2016

by Alyson Strike

After four years on the women’s national soccer team, Canadian pro goalkeeper Stephanie Labbé bravely redefined success and her performance transformed.

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Success is Yours

Jun 07, 2016

by lululemon athletica

We believe that success is what you make it. This is where we celebrate our elite ambassadors, their personal definitions of success, and their audacious pursuits.

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On The Line

Jun 07, 2016

by Cayley Thiessen

After a disappointing loss in 2012 and the end of his team with his then on-court partner, pro beach volleyball player Jake Gibb wasn’t sure his heart was still in the game. Then he met Casey Patterson.

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Hanging Loose

May 19, 2016

by Alex  Deibold

What happens when you bring a bunch of pro athletes together on a Hawaiian island with a loose agenda? Snowboarder Alex Diebold found out.

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The Sweet Life

Jun 21, 2016

by Cayley Thiessen

When Kirsten Sweetland got doctor’s orders to stop training less than a year before the biggest race of her life she laughed, and set her sights on the start line.

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Get to Know Alexis Young

Mar 11, 2016

by Julia Montague

If Alexis Young issued a manifesto, it would include the following: Have the courage to be unapologetically yourself. Captivate with your authenticity. Believe in yourself, and people will believe in you.

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Taylor and Davis Phinney: The Art of Letting Go

Jun 09, 2015

by Tatiana Jovic

If the thought of stepping into the home of an Olympian is daunting, imagine stepping into the home of three. The Phinney family home, however, couldn’t be further from a relentless, competitive environment that one might associate with the world’s top athletes. It’s surprisingly quiet and calm energy pervades each room. The secret to Davis, Connie and Taylor’s winning mentality, it turns out, is knowing how –and when – to let go.

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