Our athlete programs support a community of driven athletes and inspirational people who harness their passion to elevate their communities.

Ayo   Sopeju

Toronto, Canada
Izzy   VanHall
Izzy  VanHall
artist , Yoga

Boston, United States
Jess  Robson
Jess Robson
artist , Entrepreneur

Vancouver, Canada
Kal   Barteski

Winnipeg, Canada
Kris   Kupskay

Whistler, Canada
Mathew  Scicluna
Mathew Scicluna
artist , dance

Palo Alto, United States
Nate  Galpin
Nate Galpin
artist , Entrepreneur

Ketchum, United States
Paria   Mirazimi
Paria  Mirazimi
artist , Yoga

Vaughan, Canada
Rolli   Adenmosun
Rolli  Adenmosun
artist , Group Fitness

Toronto, Canada
Simon  Sinek
Simon Sinek
artist , Entrepreneur

New York, United States